Sweep and Smudge – Updated


The boys are now just over a year old and are still looking for their forever home. These two are cheeky little characters, who love to be stroked and brushed but dislike being picked up.
They are not bothered by cats or dogs, but they become very nervous when children are around, so these guys definitely need their new parents to be rabbit mad adults.
We have had several other rabbits in the rescue and the boys took quite well to everyone, they sleep together at night and during the day they happily share their enclosure with two guinea pigs. However I don’t think they would like to share their bedroom area with them, we only know this as one evening we had trouble getting them to go to bed which is really unusual, I looked in to their bedroom area to find the two guinea pigs making themselves at home!! Once removed the boys went straight to bed.

Sweep and Smudge are two 1 year old neutered male dutch rabbits.

Spot and Smudge came in with their brothers Sweep and Socks from a home were they had let their rabbits breed and breed, ending up with them living in unsuitable conditions. Luckily these boys got out young and have the chance of an amazing future in a new home

Spot and Smudge were completely unhandled when they arrived, however with their naturally sweet nature and their foster family’s hard work, they are now friendly and sociable bunnies ready to go to their new home.

These boys would be better suited to an adult home and while they currently live outdoors, they could easily be switched to house rabbits and are comfortable with dogs that are gentle with rabbits.

Spot and Smudge are neutered, fully vaccinated and micro chipped, if you feel you could offer Spot and Smudge a home either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]