A Huge Thank You To The Most Amazing Charity “Support Adoption For Pets”

Established by Pets at Home in 2006, Support Adoption For Pets is a registered charity that supports hundreds of pet rehoming organisations in the UK, Ever since, we’ve been transforming the lives of pets in need through our grant funding, charity partnerships and small pet adoption centres inside Pets at Home stores.

This Charity has helped us many times over the years and have come to our aid not once but twice this year!
Due to Covid 19 we have been unable to attend all of our usual fundraising events which bring in around £10,000 which is vital to the running of the rescue. We were quite worried about what the future held.
Support adoption have just been amazing at the beginning of the year they sent us £3500, this has paid for the lovely Winston to have all his much needed x-rays and surgery, towards Queenie and Holly’s teeth and the mountain of treatment and tests to get Pushkin in to his new home!

Our vets bill averages £1000 a month at the moment! Then there is the specialist feeds (Martha’s food costs £75 a sack which lasts 6 weeks) boarding fee’s for animals that we have had to put in to emergency boarding till we have space to bring them in, bedding, fuel, electricity and the list goes on and on!
This year has seen a decrease in animals needing to come in to the rescue because the cost of animals has sky rocketed. Sadly when an animal has a high value people seem to be more interested in making money from them, rather than doing the right thing by them! This has meant that the animals coming in to the rescue are ones in such a state that they are unsaleable, this has meant that despite having fewer animals out vets bill has gone through the roof!
Support Adoption For Pets have once again offered a supporting hand with another £5000 donation, despite this being swallowed relatively quickly they have provided us with much needed relief and the ability to help more of these poor animals.

Without this amazing charity we just would not be able to help as many animals as we do!

If you would like to know more about Support Adoption For Pets and the great work they do, please follow the link below: