Snowy Update!

Snowy was dumped at a vets by his previous owners at the grand old age of 12!

This poor little soul was in quite a state, his mouth was rotten with infection and he was suffering from an upset stomach.

The poor little man has spent an age at the vets and recently suffered a rare complication during the anaesthetic for his much needed dental and aspirated fluid and sadly developed pneumonia.

Initially he responded well to treatment, but has recently taken a step back and has spent the passed two days in the vets.

fingers crossed we are back on the right road, this little man needs all of the help and support we can give him, after the people that were meant to care abandoned him in his hour of need.

As you can imagine this has come at a huge cost to the rescue, his vet bill is currently at £958!!
If you would like to help Snowy and contribute towards his vet bill, you can either donate direct to the rescue bank account:

All Animal Rescue

or by PayPal [email protected]