I thought you might like to see a few pictures of Dodger getting settled in with us. There are some pics of him enjoying his time in the park, which he absolutely loves! It’s always nap time when he gets back though (for him, not us). We get very jealous, he looks so comfy snuggled up in his bed or having the odd cheeky nap on the sofa when he thinks we aren’t around.

The one in the car is him about to go to his weekly training class, we have been going for four weeks now and this week he was much calmer around the other dogs. He loves the puppies there though and is always ready for playtime. He has met one or two doggie friends in the park too. The trainer there has commented a few times about what a lovely happy dog he is.

He is very smart, and we are loving getting to know him. We have tried to get him interested in toys much to his disgust as he doesn’t seem to ‘get’ them. However, we got a couple of kongs and stuff them with his fav treats including jerky and fish4dogs salmon mousse, and he is getting pretty expert at emptying them after some unsure beginnings. We noticed he shows quite an interest in birds and a friend bought him a honking duck dog toy and that seems to be a winner based on the three times it’s been out so far!

He is a wonderful dog and we love having him as part of the family. Hopefully he loves being part of the family too, he certainly seems to be pretty settled. Everyone who has met him loves him – what’s not to love?!

You’ll probably notice in the photo that his ID tag is the same style red heart that you had on him – we thought it looked so cute on him that we bought the same one.

Take care
Bobby, Jonathan & Dodger