Animal Updates

Curley Stew

March 23rd, 2014

Curley Stew enjoying a fun day out in his new home.

Coco and Jess

March 23rd, 2014

Look at these lovely two, abandoned in a flat and left to starve, now spoilt rotten in a lovely family home!

Jungle Monkey now Brian

December 29th, 2012


It’s been a long time but I thought I would update you on how well Jungle Monkey, now named Brian, is doing. I adopted him about 2 and half years ago now where he came to live with me in my little flat in Basingstoke.
His FIV certainly hasn’t held him back in any way! He is the man of the house and sleeps nowhere else but on my pillow! He is the most loving and affectionate cat I could ever have asked for! He will do anything for a cuddle and as you soon as you sit down he is on your lap nudging you for more.
He will run to the door to meet me from work everyday and loves a night in on the sofa with a film.
I thought he was fully grown when we adopted him but he has grown into a small panther which could explain the huge appetite he has.
Thank you for introducing us to Brian, he is my little boy and I couldn’t live without him, he is a very happy cat and has made us in return very happy too.

Thank you again



November 15th, 2012

Dylan is not impressed by his twice weekly beauty regime!!
Sheila x


November 15th, 2012

I was fortunate enough recently, to have been entrusted with Cailah,a 10-year-old female Bengal. When she first came to me, she made no eye contact, and was manic about food, leaping up onto the work surface to gobble it down, almost as I opened the pouch. She also had explosive diarrhoea and sought out “under cover” places to hide herself. To all intents and purposes a very insecure pusscat.
As the weeks have gone by, we have worked together to the point where she now has the most beautiful manners, waiting politely on the floor for her food, the litter problems were resolved after only 10 days, and she is the most loving, intelligent, responsive cat I have ever had.
She kisses me before going to sleep at night and every time she sees me, plays like a kitten with her mouse on a string, talks to me all the time, and loves watching the birdies flying and eating their bread. She has never killed anything, and never strays more than 15 feet from the house or garden.
To anyone worrying about adopting a Bengal or any pedigree cat, I would say go for it. If rapport with your pet is what you want, these are the creatures who will give it to you in spades. She is now the most laid-back, content and amenable pusscat – even her vet was astonished at how chilled she is. She went to have her claws trimmed, putting up no resistance, and actually settling down on the weighing scales, ready to go to sleep.
If you are prepared to work with this type of pusscat, be patient but firm, listen to their vocalisations regarding what they need from you, they will give you back a thousand percent what you have put in.



November 15th, 2012

Hi Sarah
A belated thank you for medication all is fine now.
Well its around 3 months since Harry came into our lives and how did we live without him!!!! He is so loving and follows me around where ever I go (Malcolm) lays in his bed when I’m doing boring things in the office,comes in the garden and sleeps by me or near me while I’m working there will sleep in his crate at night but if we are in there is no way he will go in it without kicking up an almighty noise!!!! He gets very upset when I go to work and leave him, Scott says he spends much of the time sitting looking up the drive waiting for my car (ah bless). He is best pals with Nutter (our cat) and we have even found them sleeping in the same bed!!!!! so fingers crossed this bond continues. Scott has fallen for his charms and is having fun with him and laughing at all the silly things he gets up to ( he loves to sneak into Scott’s bathroom and pinch the loo roll and run down stairs like the andrex puppy) Scott is mostly giving him treats when I’m not looking!!!! In the evenings he sleeps by our side while we watch TV fast asleep and snoring VERY loudly omg have never heard a dog with a snore like it LOL.The passive weeing has stopped and 99.9% clean indoors.
We have had 11 weeks at dog training (Scott came twice !!) but feel now I have enough to work with on my own, also he started to be a little restless for the last 3 weeks and kept barking and moaning hey ho. Very good when we are on our walks and not fussed about other dogs or furry things …………………. but we did have an expensive laugh a few weeks ago I heard a splash and there was Harry swimming in the lake with the ducks just looking at them as if to say your not the only ones that can swim…………………….. visit to the vets for ear drops as he gained an ear infection from his little adventure hey ho.
Hope you like the photos will give you another update later in the year keep up the great work and once again THANK YOU for rescuing our boy.
Kindest regards Malcolm & Scott


November 8th, 2012

hi sarah thought id give u a update on bandit. hes settled really well and is a mummys boy loves his cuddles and anything soft and furry he has his fav toys which are mice and doesnt stop eating. he can be quite naughty and runs around like a mad thing in the morning hes got alot bigger and i think hes going to be a huge tom cat lol. thanks for lettinf me rehome him dont no what id do with out him now 🙂 hope ur well amelia x


November 7th, 2012

Another update. Domino is beautiful and healthy and a very
affectionate cat. I’ve attached a little pic.
She loves to get in any kind of box she possibly can!
I hope all is going well at All Animal Rescue.

Thought you might like to see this.


A Happy ending for Lacey

October 22nd, 2012

Hi my name is Lacey I am a black and white angora cross rabbit, let me tell you a little story before I met Stuart and Andy. I was living in a foster home at a farm in Applemore I could not be let out on the grass because I had to be shaved as my previous owner let me get in to a matted state. Then Stuart and Andy came along they played with me and let me out with him on the grass for short periods of time, so I could stretch my legs. I was so scared of being let out in a little pen initially but they were both there for me. Stuart and Andy thought they would adopt me. I went home with them and met Reg and Daisy(there other rabbits) they kept coming up to my hutch and saying hello to me, I was not sure at the time but once I got to know them Stuart and Andy thought they would let me out with Reg and Daisy, we play all day long. So I want to say a big thank you to Andy and Stuart for taking me on and giving me a home. Also thanks to All Animal Rescue for saving mex x x x x x