Fundraising Update 2

September 22nd, 2017

As promised, while our just giving page is still active we’re posting regular updates on where your money goes, so here is your next installment!






Grace is a 6 year old female miniature Shetland pony. Grace came in to the rescue as her previous owner purchased her for breeding, but for one reason or another Grace would not take and as she was now considered “surplus to requirements” she came in to the rescue.

As we do with all new animals, Grace had a full MOT from the vet where it was discovered that she had a condition call a “slipping stifle”, which is where the knee cap flicks out of place. Luckily for Grace, this can be controlled by keeping her fit and making sure she doesn’t get too podgy!
During her assessment period, living in a field was having a huge impact on her condition: the lack of exercise was causing the muscles around her joint to become lax, making the joint even more unstable. Her initial check-up also flagged up her terrible teeth! Miniature Shetlands are known for having dental issues as they have a small head but relatively large teeth, causing overcrowding and making it difficult for her to eat. Grace has awful overcrowding in the front and she has two loose teeth at the back (also sadly common with Miniature Shetlands). Grace now requires dental check-ups every 6 months to make sure that she has no sharp edges and that she has no infection around the wobbly teeth. Her check-ups and dental work costs around £150 every time they are done, but they’re vital to keeping her healthy.

If you’ve never seen it then horse dentistry can be really surprising! It still always amazes me that they’re not bothered by having an electric tooth-file in their mouth! As you can see in this video: nobody is holding grace, she is mildly sedated but standing well by herself!

Video of Grace having her teeth filed












Horses’ teeth are vital to their well-being; cats and dogs can manage really well without teeth but horses really can’t. Horses’ teeth are very different to ours and really hard to fix if allowed to get bad, this short video explains how a horse’s mouth works and the importance of dental care.
Video explaining how horse teeth work
Unfortunately for Grace, we were really worried about her re-homing prospects and after a discussion we decided that Grace would become a permanent resident at the rescue. Luckily, I’m a New Forest Commoner (which means that I can graze my ponies on the New Forest) and roaming the forest is the perfect environment for both of her conditions: because of the large area she has to wander and the natural diet she keeps fits as a fiddle, the perfect weight and the rough forage helps to keep her teeth properly worn.

Your support directly helps to keep Grace healthy and happy! The funds you donate pay for vital dental work and for the farrier to make sure her feet stay in good condition so she is able to power-walk around the forest and keep her little legs muscled up!

Thank you! If you would like to donate to help us with Grace and all the other animals then please click on the Support Grace link below!

Support Grace xx

Fundraising Update!

September 11th, 2017

We have just crossed the 50% mark on our fundraising target, which is amazing! Over the next week we will, as promised, be sharing some of the animals’ stories to show you just where your money goes and how vital it is in helping us to continue with the work we do! With three weeks to go I’m really hopeful that we will smash it!

Mr. Bojangles was found as a stray by a lovely old lady in her garden. He was very thin, dirty and just very unloved. It was clear that at some point in his past he had been looked after as he is just so friendly and he had been castrated. His finder started her search for his owner, but after two months of searching with no owner coming forward and no pets allowed in her property, she needed a more permanent solution for this lovely old boy and that is where we stepped in to offer him a space in our rescue.

Mr Bojangles was very distressed when he first came in, he didn’t want to eat and he hadn’t passed any urine or faeces, which is a massive worry so he was taken straight to the vets for a full mot!
Unfortunately, we found that at some point in his past he has obviously been hit by something hard (possibly a car) as all of his teeth are smashed, but surprisingly none of them seem to be causing him any discomfort and with a full blood screening done he was given medicine to encourage him to eat.

The following day his appetite was most definitely back! We had the loudest purr and the biggest wee in the litter tray, a relief for everyone!. The vet called to say that his bloods were pretty good for an old boy but that it did look like he was in the first stages of renal failure, so some further tests where required to see just how bad it is. Those tests are currently running but we are positive that he has a good couple of years left in him!

Some people may question why we would run expensive tests on a old cat? For us though, it is super important: animals are really good at hiding how sick they are and we never want any of our animals to suffer in silence! Also, although Mr. Bojangles is old, we want to find him a home where he can be a lap cat with someone that is happy to have a purring (and rather dribbly) companion!

Vet fees are a huge part of pet ownership and your visits to the vet will increase when you have an older animal, so it is important that we can let potential new owners know how much this is likely to be: it’s important that everyone has the information they need to be able to make informed decisions as to whether they can afford to take Mr. Bonjangles (or any other animal) on and give him the care that he needs.

Older cats can be really hard to home as they are generally looking for a quieter household and on top of that with their veterinary care being more expensive, many households just can’t afford to take it on. As hard as it is to talk about; many people also don’t want an animal that may only last a few years – you do get the odd exception though: I love the oldies! An older animal can be as cute as any puppy or kitten and while I know they wont be with me forever, I really enjoy making their final years the best! We never put an oldie down just for being old and if they can’t find a home, they will stay here until their dying day, but I think that at their age they deserve to have their person to love and adore them! Here at the rescue, the love has to shared around!

Click here to see a video of The amazing Mr Bojangles

What are we fundraising for?????

September 8th, 2017

Since we started our fundraising appeal, a lot of people have asked “Why do we need more money”? This is a really good question. Here at All Animal Rescue we are all volunteers who work for a living or are retired, so we understand how important every penny is in your everyday household. With the cost of living on the rise and many wages still not matching that, we know that any donation made to the rescue will be a sacrifice to many households.
Over the next week we are going to post a few examples of where your money goes and what a real difference it makes – whether it be £1 or £100!

Pip came in to the rescue earlier this year, sadly her mum had started to attack her and although we advised that neutering both dogs would solve the issue, her owners wanted her gone. When Pip came in to the rescue she was terrified and spent the first two weeks trying to get out of her foster mums house and would scream when you touched her: real signs of under-socialization and trauma. However, a few weeks later and her foster mum Clare (a.k.a Wonder Woman!) had worked her magic and Pip was starting to learn that life was not always scary and could actually be fun!

A month later and Pip was well and truly in love with Clare, but still very nervous about new people until we had a lady come round who Pip took to straight away and had decided she was the one for her. With her confidence on the rise and a new home on the cards, off she went to the vets to be spayed.

The operation went brilliantly and she was back to Clare and recovering well, however 3 days post-opp she developed a rare complication: the change in her hormone level sent her in to a phantom pregnancy and she developed milk and then mastitis. Any mum that has had a baby knows how painful this condition can be, so we placed her on to some very effective, but also very costly medicine (£80 for the course) called Galastop, bringing her out of the phantom pregnancy and allowing her to heal. A week later and (with a sigh of relief!) Pip’s body returned to normal and she was able to go off to her new home.

Pip settled really well and was enjoying her long walks on the south coast until two weeks in when running around on the beach she yelped and became lame. Her new owner brought her to our vets and after a series of x-rays it showed that she had bi-lateral luxating patellas at grade three (which to me and you is dislocating knee caps in both legs, that were at the worst stage they could be!) The vets were astounded that she had never shown any signs before, but some dogs are really good at hiding pain and symptoms and with the increased exercise it all just became too much for the joints. It was deemed that she would need corrective surgery on both legs to make them stable, at a £1000 a leg we had to weigh up if it was the right thing for Pip. Pip is only 5 she has come on in leaps and bounds and once the surgery was completed she would be able to live a normal life, so we decided to push forward.

The first leg was operated on and although the joint was extremely ulcerated due to the damage, our brilliant vets managed to fix it to a really high standard. However it was Pips recovery that she struggled with: the lack of exercise really began to frustrate her and her new owner became so worried that Pip started feeding off of that and too became really anxious whenever she was left. Ultimately, her new mum made the hard decision to bring her back to the rescue as she just couldn’t cope.

Pip is now fostered at home with Ross and me: on arrival it was apparent that she had had her previous mum very well trained and had become a bit of a Diva Princess! She has been here for two weeks now and knows that her nonsense will not be encouraged, with rules and boundaries in place she has relaxed as she no longer has to worry about being in control – dogs really do prefer someone else doing all this leading malarkey! The operated leg is getting stronger by the day and she is flourishing: really enjoying her play and we are going to wait until the left leg is really solid before we have the right operated on to make sure she is as stable as possible. Once her recovery is complete we will finally be able to look for her forever home: she is a real character and everyday she opens up a little more, and the more she opens up the more she makes us laugh!

So, in short, your donations have helped us to take Pip out of an unsuitable home where she was let down by her owner, have allowed her to be spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and have enabled us to pay for the vital treatment she needs on her knees.

All this will give Pip a long, happy and pain-free future, just watch the video below to see the happy, bubbly, nutty little madam! Your donations and support did that! Thank you xxxxx

Happy Pip 1
Happy Pip 2
Happy Pip 3
Happy Pip 4

Even if you can only afford a £1 it is a massive help, click here to donate xxxxx

Vets fee’s appeal!

August 14th, 2017

Just giving Vets Fee’s appeal

This year we have seen a huge increase in animals coming in not only sick with the usual acute fleas, worms and cat flue, but with conditions that have not been treated for a long period of time, due to their owners not having the funds to treat them and animals with acute congenital conditions caused by people breeding from animals that are not good enough specimens to be bred from!

This year we have seen baby animals coming in with conditions that we only see normally in adult animals!

When an animal comes in to the rescue they will get everything they need to give them the best shot of a new life, however with so many coming in with specialist medical needs our vet fee reserves are disappearing fast!

Even if you can spare Just £1 it would be a massive help to the team at All Animal Rescue and all of the animals that need our help.

The Sad loss of our little Lard

February 12th, 2017

Sadly this weekend we have lost our oldest resident Guinea pig.

Lard came in to us as a failed breeding guinea pig, she ended up a permanent resident as nobody wanted to re-home her due to her red eyes. Lard soon became a favorite of everyone here due to her tough spirit! She took no nonsense from anyone and her ability to drag off vegetables 3 times her body weight while fighting off everyone else was nothing short of impressive.

Sadly old age hit our lady and a couple of months ago she developed Glaucoma, we knew that diabetes was the likely cause so she was closely monitored and sadly over the last couple of months she started to decline, this weekend she took at turn for the worst this weekend and we took the decision to have her put to sleep, as although her body had given up, her little heart was still going.

Thank you to everyone for your help and support in this time. We are in the process of organising the planting of trees for the scattering of ashes of the rescue animals.

Animal Foster Carers Needed!!!

January 30th, 2017

We are in need of foster homes for the following animals:

Guinea pigs
Rodents for example Hamsters, rats, degus etc

All equipment, food, vet care and support is provided by the rescue. What we are looking for are people to provide a roof over their head, training, guidance and understanding to get them ready for a new home.

Fostering is Ideal for people who like holidays and can’t commit to a animal full time. We have a few foster’s that are retired and go on regular holidays, they just let us know when they are away and when they are able to foster and we make sure they have a pet.

Some of the animals we get in to the rescue just need a little tlc and a roof over their head until we can find them a good home.
Some however have come in because they have never been given any training, brought for all the wrong reasons and then passed from home to home. These animals can be challenging and I won’t lie can push all of your buttons, wee in your house, chew things they shouldn’t etc!!
They just need boundaries, routine, consistency and with hard work and determination can be brought round. There is nothing more rewarding than taking a animal from death row who is completely messed up, unscrambling the mess and then seeing them in there new home happy and content!

Have a spare room, foster a cat! a spare room will be way bigger than a cattery and they will get used to all the sounds and smells of living in a house, as long as you have time in your day to spend with them they would be more than happy.

Fostering is not easy!!! It can be heart breaking you win some and you lose some, some will get right under your skin and it will be heart breaking to see them go to their new homes. Some will be so messed up that they will push you to your limits! But the good times way out weight the bad times. I love going to see one of the animals I have fostered in their new home, happy, settled and content. It is a feeling money can’t buy!


Risk of closure!

November 20th, 2016

It is with a heavy heart and tears that I am writing this post.
We are at serious risk of closure, the rescue bank is empty and I have used £8000 of my own savings to keep the rescue open for the last two years and that has now run out.
We would like to let all owners/potential new owners of our rescue animals (as we still have a few animals in that are looking for homes) that we will always take any of our animals back even if we close, I made all of those lovely babies a promise and I will keep it. All of the resident animals will stay with me as my own.
Animals are my life, they were my one constant through a difficult childhood and kept me going when all I wanted to do was give up. so I have devoted my adult life trying to repay that favour to them.
The last couple of years have been really tough on the rescue, the demand for our help has been overwhelming!
As many of you know we are a very small team here, all of our animals are kept in foster homes and we only use kennels as a last resort and the rest of the rescue is run from my home.
All Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation and have shied away from charity status as we want to keep control of the rescue. Now I know this sounds a bit OCD, however we want to be able to decided what happens with the animals that come in to our care, quite a few of our animals have come to us from other organisations as they were deemed unsuitable for re-homing, in most cases these animals have just needed time, stability and good quality care and have gone on the be re-homed as loving pets.
The rescue is funded by donations and my wages! ( My long, suffering better half pays all the bills and he allows my wages to go on the rescue) Over the last couple of years with a larger number of animals coming in, we have found it hard to have the time to get out and about fundraising. I hear you shouting get volunteers to go out!! There are so many animal lovers out there, but time is precious and finding people willing to get up at 5am to do a car boot sale on possibly there one day off in the week, is really hard and don’t get me wrong I understand! Money is also tight for everyone so even asking for simple cake sales for Coffee mornings is more expensive than people think, cakes are not the cheapest thing to make anymore. So if anyone out there has any great ideas on easy fundraising we would be interested to here them.
We have started a Crowd funding page to try and stop the closure, if we can raise these much needed funds we will not only be able to prevent the closure, but we will be able to reopen the rescue’s doors to animals in need.
If you are able to donate, even if it is a £1 please follow the link to our Crowdfunding page
All Animal Rescue Southampton Crowdfunding page

Important News!

September 24th, 2016

This year has been a tough year for the rescue! Sadly the amount of animals needing our help has gone up and so many have been in such poor condition or seriously ill.
As many of you know the rescue is run solely on donations and my wages, everybody that works here is a volunteer and nobody gets paid, however we are relying more and more on my wages and sadly there is only so many hours in one day that I can work.
So we are going to slow down the rescue and take some time to concentrate on fundraising!
The animals that come in to our care get everything that they need, we don’t want to take any in not knowing if we can give them a 100%, so we are going to work hard on building up a nice buffer in the account.
Sadly this means that the rescue calendar is going to have to go on the back burner and be a 2018 calendar, as the cost of making them is slightly out of our grasp at the moment.
If anybody would like to donate, we have a donate button on our website or our bank details are as follows:
All Animal Rescue
S/C: 30-90-85
ACC: 14710568
We would also like to take the time to thank all of our loyal supporters, we really would not be able to do what we do without you!

Come and visit us at the Fawley dog show 2016 Sunday August the 7th

Come and visit us at the Fawley dog show 2016
Sunday August the 7th