All About Us!

Posted January 21st, 2012 by sarah

We are a small non-profit organisation based in Holbury in the New forest, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of unwanted animals.
Primarily we operate as a animal rescue, however we are passionate about educating owners on the 5 welfare needs that you are required by law as a owner to follow, by giving out this knowledge we hope that it will help prevent animals needing to come in to our care.
All Animal Rescue was founded by Sarah Mills and Ross Cheer 10 years ago, it is run from their home in Holbury. It is not a center that is open to the public, as all of the animals are kept in foster homes across the Southampton area.
Ross is a software engineer in his day job and Sarah is practice manager/unqualified nurse in her day job. Sarah is super lucky that Ross is so supportive of her passion for the rescue, his work wages pay for all the household bills and this allows her work wages to help pay for the day to day running of the rescue! This is also topped up by public donations and adoption fees.
Sarah has always been animal mad and looking through her photo’s the first time she was snapped helping on a rescue was at the early age of 7! She spent her childhood walking the neighbours’ dogs, following the herds of ponies on the forest learning about their behavior and taking in every bedraggled animal she could find, much to the annoyance of her family! They never knew what they would find in her room, when she was 10 she rescued a rabbit and made it a home in her wardrobe, needless to say it ate its way out and she was busted!!
As soon as she was old enough she was off pestering rescues to let her help, and she would not give up until they said yes! She would often be found doing all the horrible jobs like cleaning the kennels, picking up mountains of poo and cleaning cages, to prove she was worth having around. Sarah went on to work in many different rescues gaining as much knowledge and experience as she could.
Finally she met Ross, who was crazy enough to fall in love with this animal mad girl and she soon dragged him in to it and it was Ross that gave Sarah the courage and support to start her own Rescue, and that is where it all started.
Below is short video giving a brief overview of what we do and can now be found on YouTube
Click here to watch the video


Posted January 14th, 2017 by sarah

Not only can we use your unwanted newspapers, but we can sell the excess to raise much needed funds for the rescue.
You can either drop these off to us or we can come and collect.

Thank you

Shop through Easyfundraising!

Posted January 14th, 2017 by sarah

Easyfundraising is brilliant, all you have to do is register (this takes 2 mins) then every time you shop online, as long as you go through the easyfundraising website or app, they give the rescue money!!!

Below is a link to a video explaining how it works:

easy fundraising instruction video

Finally below is a link to our part of Easyfundraising:

All Animal Rescue’s Easy fundraising page

Collecting Used Stamps!

Posted January 14th, 2017 by sarah

We have a company who will buy all used postage stamps from us, new and old. This creates much needed funds for the rescue and costs you nothing to do.
Not local to the rescue??? That is ok, once you have a envelope full we will post you out a pre paid envelope for you to send them in.

Mushroom and Pebbles

Posted January 14th, 2017 by sarah

Mushroom and Pebbles are two 6 month old castrated male rabbits. They are both Lionhead cross mini lops. They came in to the rescue as there owner was downsizing and unable to take them with them.

Mushroom is a Beige and grey lionhead cross mini lop, he is the larger of the the two and is a super sweet nature character, he is lovely to handle and a real cuddle monster.

Pebbles is a grey, white and black lionhead cross mini lop, he is the smaller of the two and is skittish to catch, however once you have him he is lovely to handle.

Mushroom and Pebbles are a bonded pair and we would like these two to go together. We do not recommended rabbits as pets to homes with young children so we are really looking for a adult home for these two. They are used to cats and dogs and have lived happily as house rabbits, however come spring we will be acclimatizing them to living outside.

Mushroom and pebbles are fully vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered. If you feel you could offer Mushroom and pebbles a new home either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]

Freddie – reserved

Posted January 6th, 2017 by sarah

Freddie is a 4 month old male Greyhound cross puppy. Freddie was our first casualty of 2017, there were a lot of different stories about why Freddie was coming in to rescue, but when it comes down to it, I think he was brought as a christmas present and when the reality of owning a puppy kicked in, he was kicked out.

Freddie is still under assessment, however so far we can tell you he is underweight and in need of building up, great with other dogs, learning about cats (he was smacked by his foster mums cat and was so traumatized he went and hid!!lol) His toilet training is coming along, but he is a typical young boy and sometimes he has a accident because he is so busy playing that when he realizes he needs a wee, it is just too late!! So regular reminding is required! Freddie loves both men and women and is just a real pleasure to have around!

Freddie has huge feet and I feel like he is going to be a big boy, he is also very intelligent so he will need a home that is committed to going to training classes.

Freddie will fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered and up to date with all flea treatment when he is ready to go up for adoption. If you would like to register your interest for Freddie either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]



Posted November 28th, 2016 by sarah

Vera is a 1-2 year old neutered female, domestic shorthair cat. Vera came in to the rescue with her two kittens, she had given birth to them at the back of a Southampton care home, the staff advertised her for weeks to try and find a owner but nobody came forward and poor Vera was getting thinner by the day.

Vera is a really loving cat, that is ok with other cats and is fine with older children. I don’t think she has had the greatest start as any sudden movements or load bangs and she will run off and hide, but as soon as all is settled she is back out again looking for cuddles. Absolutely no dogs as she is petrified of them.

Vera is fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, up to date with all flea and worm treatment, five weeks free insurance and litter trained. If you feel you could Vera a home either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]

What will my new pet come with???

Posted November 23rd, 2016 by sarah


Dogs will come fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, five weeks free insurance from the lovely Agria, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and a small bag of the current dog food they are on. If they are over the age of 8 years old, they will have had a general blood test to make sure there are no old age problems starting.


Cats will come fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, five weeks free insurance from the lovely Agria, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and a small bag of the current cat food they are on. If they are over the age of 8 years old, they will have had a general blood test to make sure there are no old age problems starting.


Rabbits will come fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered and will have a small bag of the current food they are on. At present we do not have a bonding service, however there are some local rescues who offer this at a small cost!


Guinea pigs will come neutered, micro chipped and with a small bag of the current food they are on.

All other types of animals that come in the rescue will be micro chipped and are dealt with on a case by case basis (for example we would castrate a male horse, but we would not spay a female horse)

Risk of closure!

Posted November 20th, 2016 by sarah

It is with a heavy heart and tears that I am writing this post.
We are at serious risk of closure, the rescue bank is empty and I have used £8000 of my own savings to keep the rescue open for the last two years and that has now run out.
We would like to let all owners/potential new owners of our rescue animals (as we still have a few animals in that are looking for homes) that we will always take any of our animals back even if we close, I made all of those lovely babies a promise and I will keep it. All of the resident animals will stay with me as my own.
Animals are my life, they were my one constant through a difficult childhood and kept me going when all I wanted to do was give up. so I have devoted my adult life trying to repay that favour to them.
The last couple of years have been really tough on the rescue, the demand for our help has been overwhelming!
As many of you know we are a very small team here, all of our animals are kept in foster homes and we only use kennels as a last resort and the rest of the rescue is run from my home.
All Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation and have shied away from charity status as we want to keep control of the rescue. Now I know this sounds a bit OCD, however we want to be able to decided what happens with the animals that come in to our care, quite a few of our animals have come to us from other organisations as they were deemed unsuitable for re-homing, in most cases these animals have just needed time, stability and good quality care and have gone on the be re-homed as loving pets.
The rescue is funded by donations and my wages! ( My long, suffering better half pays all the bills and he allows my wages to go on the rescue) Over the last couple of years with a larger number of animals coming in, we have found it hard to have the time to get out and about fundraising. I hear you shouting get volunteers to go out!! There are so many animal lovers out there, but time is precious and finding people willing to get up at 5am to do a car boot sale on possibly there one day off in the week, is really hard and don’t get me wrong I understand! Money is also tight for everyone so even asking for simple cake sales for Coffee mornings is more expensive than people think, cakes are not the cheapest thing to make anymore. So if anyone out there has any great ideas on easy fundraising we would be interested to here them.
We have started a Crowd funding page to try and stop the closure, if we can raise these much needed funds we will not only be able to prevent the closure, but we will be able to reopen the rescue’s doors to animals in need.
If you are able to donate, even if it is a £1 please follow the link to our Crowdfunding page
All Animal Rescue Southampton Crowdfunding page

Mini Lard, Mervyn, Nibbles and Dave

Posted October 8th, 2016 by sarah

Lard came in to the rescue 5 years ago from a breeder, sadly all of her babies she was producing were still born, so she was now surplus to requirements. Due to being white with red eyes nobody wanted to adopt her, so she is now a permanent resident, she is now 8 years old.

Dave is only 2 and is a permanent resident, as he absolutely hates to be handled and no matter how hard we have tried he screams until you put him down! in light of this we felt he was not suitable for re-homing and will live out his days with us.

Mervyn came in to the rescue as a unclaimed stray. Mervyn is a very social rabbit who is amazing with all rabbits he is a old boy now with a estimated age of 10 years, we kept Mervyn as a permanent resident as he was brilliant at looking after all of the rescue rabbits when they came in and showing them that there is nothing to be scared of. Mervyn became a part of the team at all animal rescue.

Nibbles came in to the rescue this year as a unwanted childs pet. Nibbles is a escape artist who loves to dig!! Nibbles is a permanent resident for this reason! She is also turning out to be a bit like Mervyn and has been fab at looking after rabbits and guinea pigs that have not had the best start! Recently she has also taken to being body guard to the guinea pigs and if any local cats come in to the garden she is the first to chase them off!!