All About Us!

Posted January 21st, 2012 by sarah

We are a small non-profit organisation based in Holbury in the New forest, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of unwanted animals.
Primarily we operate as a animal rescue, however we are passionate about educating owners on the 5 welfare needs that you are required by law as a owner to follow, by giving out this knowledge we hope that it will help prevent animals needing to come in to our care.
All Animal Rescue was founded by Sarah Mills and Ross Cheer 10 years ago, it is run from their home in Holbury. It is not a center that is open to the public, as all of the animals are kept in foster homes across the Southampton area.
Ross is a software engineer in his day job and Sarah is practice manager/unqualified nurse in her day job. Sarah is super lucky that Ross is so supportive of her passion for the rescue, his work wages pay for all the household bills and this allows her work wages to help pay for the day to day running of the rescue! This is also topped up by public donations and adoption fees.
Sarah has always been animal mad and looking through her photo’s the first time she was snapped helping on a rescue was at the early age of 7! She spent her childhood walking the neighbours’ dogs, following the herds of ponies on the forest learning about their behavior and taking in every bedraggled animal she could find, much to the annoyance of her family! They never knew what they would find in her room, when she was 10 she rescued a rabbit and made it a home in her wardrobe, needless to say it ate its way out and she was busted!!
As soon as she was old enough she was off pestering rescues to let her help, and she would not give up until they said yes! She would often be found doing all the horrible jobs like cleaning the kennels, picking up mountains of poo and cleaning cages, to prove she was worth having around. Sarah went on to work in many different rescues gaining as much knowledge and experience as she could.
Finally she met Ross, who was crazy enough to fall in love with this animal mad girl and she soon dragged him in to it and it was Ross that gave Sarah the courage and support to start her own Rescue, and that is where it all started.
Below is short video giving a brief overview of what we do and can now be found on YouTube
Click here to watch the video

Mr Bojangles

Posted September 18th, 2017 by sarah

Mr Bojangles is a 14 (ish) year old neutered male ginger and white domestic shorthair cat. Mr. Bojangles was found as a stray by a lovely old lady in her garden. He was very thin, dirty and just very unloved. It was clear that at some point in his past he had been looked after as he is just so friendly and he had been castrated. His finder started her search for his owner, but after two months of searching with no owner coming forward and no pets allowed in her property, she needed a more permanent solution for this lovely old boy and that is where we stepped in to offer him a space in our rescue.

Mr Bojangles is in the very early stages of renal failure. (renal failure is diagnosed by a blood test, when measuring the renal function you are given a normal range for example between 1 and 100 is normal, Mr Bojangles was 102 so literally in the very early stages)
This lovely little old man requires no medication at present, just monitoring and a 6 monthly check up with a vet. If you wanted to go down the gold standard care route you could start him on a renal function diet, which will just support his body and give him everything he needs. Mr Bojangles also suffers with mild arthritis in his hips, which just requires monitoring, the odd dose of anti inflammatory and we have started him on a supplement called yumove which goes in his food and is just a standard oap joint supplement. All though this sounds like a lot of health care, for an old boy who has clearly lived a rough life, he is doing pretty well.
This lovely old man just wants a warm bed and a human with a warm lap and who will give him a good chin scratch! He does not like dogs, he is not bothered by other cats (as long as they leave him alone) and he is not keen on noisy children.

Mr Bojangles is fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and worm and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Mr Bojangles a home either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]

Fundraising Update!

Posted September 11th, 2017 by sarah

We have just crossed the 50% mark on our fundraising target, which is amazing! Over the next week we will, as promised, be sharing some of the animals’ stories to show you just where your money goes and how vital it is in helping us to continue with the work we do! With three weeks to go I’m really hopeful that we will smash it!

Mr. Bojangles was found as a stray by a lovely old lady in her garden. He was very thin, dirty and just very unloved. It was clear that at some point in his past he had been looked after as he is just so friendly and he had been castrated. His finder started her search for his owner, but after two months of searching with no owner coming forward and no pets allowed in her property, she needed a more permanent solution for this lovely old boy and that is where we stepped in to offer him a space in our rescue.

Mr Bojangles was very distressed when he first came in, he didn’t want to eat and he hadn’t passed any urine or faeces, which is a massive worry so he was taken straight to the vets for a full mot!
Unfortunately, we found that at some point in his past he has obviously been hit by something hard (possibly a car) as all of his teeth are smashed, but surprisingly none of them seem to be causing him any discomfort and with a full blood screening done he was given medicine to encourage him to eat.

The following day his appetite was most definitely back! We had the loudest purr and the biggest wee in the litter tray, a relief for everyone!. The vet called to say that his bloods were pretty good for an old boy but that it did look like he was in the first stages of renal failure, so some further tests where required to see just how bad it is. Those tests are currently running but we are positive that he has a good couple of years left in him!

Some people may question why we would run expensive tests on a old cat? For us though, it is super important: animals are really good at hiding how sick they are and we never want any of our animals to suffer in silence! Also, although Mr. Bojangles is old, we want to find him a home where he can be a lap cat with someone that is happy to have a purring (and rather dribbly) companion!

Vet fees are a huge part of pet ownership and your visits to the vet will increase when you have an older animal, so it is important that we can let potential new owners know how much this is likely to be: it’s important that everyone has the information they need to be able to make informed decisions as to whether they can afford to take Mr. Bonjangles (or any other animal) on and give him the care that he needs.

Older cats can be really hard to home as they are generally looking for a quieter household and on top of that with their veterinary care being more expensive, many households just can’t afford to take it on. As hard as it is to talk about; many people also don’t want an animal that may only last a few years – you do get the odd exception though: I love the oldies! An older animal can be as cute as any puppy or kitten and while I know they wont be with me forever, I really enjoy making their final years the best! We never put an oldie down just for being old and if they can’t find a home, they will stay here until their dying day, but I think that at their age they deserve to have their person to love and adore them! Here at the rescue, the love has to shared around!

Click here to see a video of The amazing Mr Bojangles

What are we fundraising for?????

Posted September 8th, 2017 by sarah

Since we started our fundraising appeal, a lot of people have asked “Why do we need more money”? This is a really good question. Here at All Animal Rescue we are all volunteers who work for a living or are retired, so we understand how important every penny is in your everyday household. With the cost of living on the rise and many wages still not matching that, we know that any donation made to the rescue will be a sacrifice to many households.
Over the next week we are going to post a few examples of where your money goes and what a real difference it makes – whether it be £1 or £100!

Pip came in to the rescue earlier this year, sadly her mum had started to attack her and although we advised that neutering both dogs would solve the issue, her owners wanted her gone. When Pip came in to the rescue she was terrified and spent the first two weeks trying to get out of her foster mums house and would scream when you touched her: real signs of under-socialization and trauma. However, a few weeks later and her foster mum Clare (a.k.a Wonder Woman!) had worked her magic and Pip was starting to learn that life was not always scary and could actually be fun!

A month later and Pip was well and truly in love with Clare, but still very nervous about new people until we had a lady come round who Pip took to straight away and had decided she was the one for her. With her confidence on the rise and a new home on the cards, off she went to the vets to be spayed.

The operation went brilliantly and she was back to Clare and recovering well, however 3 days post-opp she developed a rare complication: the change in her hormone level sent her in to a phantom pregnancy and she developed milk and then mastitis. Any mum that has had a baby knows how painful this condition can be, so we placed her on to some very effective, but also very costly medicine (£80 for the course) called Galastop, bringing her out of the phantom pregnancy and allowing her to heal. A week later and (with a sigh of relief!) Pip’s body returned to normal and she was able to go off to her new home.

Pip settled really well and was enjoying her long walks on the south coast until two weeks in when running around on the beach she yelped and became lame. Her new owner brought her to our vets and after a series of x-rays it showed that she had bi-lateral luxating patellas at grade three (which to me and you is dislocating knee caps in both legs, that were at the worst stage they could be!) The vets were astounded that she had never shown any signs before, but some dogs are really good at hiding pain and symptoms and with the increased exercise it all just became too much for the joints. It was deemed that she would need corrective surgery on both legs to make them stable, at a £1000 a leg we had to weigh up if it was the right thing for Pip. Pip is only 5 she has come on in leaps and bounds and once the surgery was completed she would be able to live a normal life, so we decided to push forward.

The first leg was operated on and although the joint was extremely ulcerated due to the damage, our brilliant vets managed to fix it to a really high standard. However it was Pips recovery that she struggled with: the lack of exercise really began to frustrate her and her new owner became so worried that Pip started feeding off of that and too became really anxious whenever she was left. Ultimately, her new mum made the hard decision to bring her back to the rescue as she just couldn’t cope.

Pip is now fostered at home with Ross and me: on arrival it was apparent that she had had her previous mum very well trained and had become a bit of a Diva Princess! She has been here for two weeks now and knows that her nonsense will not be encouraged, with rules and boundaries in place she has relaxed as she no longer has to worry about being in control – dogs really do prefer someone else doing all this leading malarkey! The operated leg is getting stronger by the day and she is flourishing: really enjoying her play and we are going to wait until the left leg is really solid before we have the right operated on to make sure she is as stable as possible. Once her recovery is complete we will finally be able to look for her forever home: she is a real character and everyday she opens up a little more, and the more she opens up the more she makes us laugh!

So, in short, your donations have helped us to take Pip out of an unsuitable home where she was let down by her owner, have allowed her to be spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and have enabled us to pay for the vital treatment she needs on her knees.

All this will give Pip a long, happy and pain-free future, just watch the video below to see the happy, bubbly, nutty little madam! Your donations and support did that! Thank you xxxxx

Happy Pip 1
Happy Pip 2
Happy Pip 3
Happy Pip 4

Even if you can only afford a £1 it is a massive help, click here to donate xxxxx

Sam – updated 23.08.17

Posted August 19th, 2017 by sarah

Sam is a 5 year old neutered Jack Russell male. Sam came in to the rescue with his sister Cici as their owners no longer had the time to look after them. Sadly Cici was very poorly with a long term condition and passed away shortly after arriving in to the rescue.

Sam has not really experienced much in his little life, his previous owners did not have the time to walk, train and socialize the dogs. When he arrived he still was not completely toilet trained, he had no idea about other dogs and was a little confused about the outside world.
Since being in the rescue Sam has learnt to play with toys and is really keen on playing fetch, he is a real water baby, he is great off the lead and is learning lead etiquette (he doesn’t pull just criss crosses in front of you and goes round you like a maypole) This has improved dramatically since being with us. He is good with cats that ignore him, however if they run or try to attack him, he thinks it is a game and will keep pestering. He is not good with small furries, but is great with ducks, geese, chickens, horses, cows and donkeys. Sam is good with other dogs, but he basically ignores them as he is not quite sure how to interact with them, he is walked with up to 8 dogs of all size ages and nuttyness and he is slowly coming out of his shell and has been seen to having the odd play.
Sam can be left for up to 3 hours, however after this he will start to bark.
Sam is a really sweet dog who has live with children 8+, he would ideally suit someone who is looking for a companion to go walking with and who has visiting family.

Sam is fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and will come with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Sam a home either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]

Vets fee’s appeal!

Posted August 14th, 2017 by sarah

Just giving Vets Fee’s appeal

This year we have seen a huge increase in animals coming in not only sick with the usual acute fleas, worms and cat flue, but with conditions that have not been treated for a long period of time, due to their owners not having the funds to treat them and animals with acute congenital conditions caused by people breeding from animals that are not good enough specimens to be bred from!

This year we have seen baby animals coming in with conditions that we only see normally in adult animals!

When an animal comes in to the rescue they will get everything they need to give them the best shot of a new life, however with so many coming in with specialist medical needs our vet fee reserves are disappearing fast!

Even if you can spare Just £1 it would be a massive help to the team at All Animal Rescue and all of the animals that need our help.

What is the process of adopting a animal?

Posted August 14th, 2017 by sarah

Firstly we will get you to come and meet the animal you are interested in. All of our animals are in volunteer foster homes, so this will have to be a time that is mutually agreeable to the both of you. Our foster carers are amazing people who give up hundreds of hours caring for these animals in their own home and are happy to go that extra bit further by having strangers coming round, in the aid of getting the best possible home for the animal. (Please bear this in mind when you go to visit, you would not believe the amount of people who either don’t turn up and people who are over an hour late with no message to let them know what is happening)

Here at All Animal Rescue we are passionate about matching the animal to the owner, so if you come to meet one of our animals and we feel you don’t take well to each other we would not proceed with the adoption. Animal ownership should be a pleasure and it is so important that you are a match from the start.

Once you have visited the animal and we are happy you are a good match, we will ask you to go away and have a good think about it. Really have a good think, can i afford the monthly flea and worm treatment, can I afford the vet bills, do I really have time for my new pet etc. We give everyone 48 hours to have a good think, in that time we will not let anyone else come to see the animal, so there is no pressure that someone will come and pip you to the post. After the 48 hours, if we have not heard from you the animal will go back up for adoption, we will not be offended at all if you change your mind, or if you think the animal is just not for you, we really want it to be right.

So you have decided you would like the animal – We now reserve them for you. A home check will be booked (see the home check section for further information)

Now you have passed your home check we book you in for an adoption date, this maybe in the future because the animal is still waiting for a vaccination, recovering from an operation or if you want to book some time off from work to help them settle in etc

If you are adopting a dog we do a weeks home trial prior to adoption (this can be extended if necessary) nowadays many of us have more than one pet and we find especially with dogs it is super important that everyone including your existing animals are happy with the new member of the family (We don’t want to re-home an animal to make another one feel uncomfortable or homeless!) After the 7 days we will call you and see how things are going, if everything is going well and your happy to move on with the adoption process, we move on to the step below. If you feel you need more time we can extend it at this point.

On the collection day we will change the micro chip information over to you, activate your 5 weeks free insurance if it is a cat or a dog, pass over all documentation for example vaccination card and medical history (if relevant) and you sign the adoption form. This is the point that you pay your adoption fee, which is £225 for dogs £100 for cats and £50 for rabbits. Adoption fee’s are non refundable.

Lily – Reserved

Posted August 11th, 2017 by sarah

Lily is a 6 year old Tortoiseshell DSH female. Lily came in to the rescue as her owner had become to poorly to look after her anymore.

Lily is a testament to her old owner, she is a very affectionate and vocal cat that loves to spend time with the whole family, she is used to children from the ages of newborn up to 15, she good with other cats and is not bothered by dogs that are used to cats.
Lily is such an all rounder she would slot in to any home, be it quite or super hectic! With her stunning looks I can’t see this girl being with us for long!

Lily is fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Lily a home either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]


Posted August 7th, 2017 by sarah

Reeva has now found a lovely new home on the edge of Hampshire.

Malk – Reserved

Posted July 28th, 2017 by sarah

Malk is a 8 month old Collie x lurcher puppy. Malk came into the rescue as his owner needed to concentrate on her disabled son.

Malk has clearly been very loved and cared for, he is a little shy when meeting dogs for the first time, but soon forgets and starts playing, he is great with cats and actively scared of kittens, fabulous with children and a pleasure to have around.

Malk will be fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and will come with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Malk a home, either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]

Denzil – Reserved

Posted July 25th, 2017 by sarah

Denzil is a 4 month old black domestic short hair kitten. Denzil came into the rescue with his brother Aslan, their owner was unable to sell them and did not want them to end up in the wrong hands.

Denzil is a super affectionate, playful and outgoing kitten, that would make a great addition to any household. Denzil will be suitable to go with other cats, dogs and children.

Denzil will be fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and will come with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Denzil a new home either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]