Dear Sarah & Sharon (please pass a copy of this to Sharon)
We thought you would like to know how Jade is getting on. After a very shaky start Jade seems to besettling in reasonably well. She didn’t use her litter tray for 2 ½ days and eventuallyused the office floor to relieve herself so we decided to change the litter andthe tray and that seemed to do the trick. She will not use the cat-flap unless it is propped open and loves to runout of the patio doors up the tree back in over the furniture and repeat. She also still hisses at times and shows herclaws but we just say no and again that seems to do the trick.
Jade is still scared of various things but seems to enjoythe garden and the open door and continually returns to ensure that she canstill get in. She is always our bestfriend at feeding times and she eats like a horse.
I’m sure within time things will go from strength to strength. Jade is a very intelligent little girl andcan at times outwit us. She also lovesto play with a ping-pong ball and anything that moves like string or cat ropes.
We sometimes feel it is two steps forwards and one back butconsidering her past we feel that we have done the right thing and have noregrets. It is only three weeks and therefore early days.
For info:
When we checked the info entered at Petlog, they had Jadelogged as a fox terrier bitch. After writingto them and pointing out their error they upgraded us to Pet Premium. Perhaps everyone should go on-line and checktheir entry. All the details that you gave them were correct, it wastheir mistake and they have now corrected the details.
Thank you for Jade
Kind regards
A very grateful Tony and Glenda Evans