Hello all. This is Phil and Sam just giving you a quick update on Betty, the collie cross alsatian (we think, not sure). We`ve had her 3 weeks now and she`s settling in really well. She was a bit wary of strangers to start with but as her confidence grows she is more relaxed and less wary when meeting people for the first time, although she can be a bit choosy of who she wants to be friends with. She is very curious about new things (read nosey) especially children, and is very good when playing with younger dogs and puppies. As she`s become more settled her walks have become easier as we`ve got to know each others ways. Her recall is very good and she`ll come when called normally, but if she sees something new she has to investigate first before she comes running back. Other dogs out walking are a magnet to her and she has to say hello and have a good sniff and play, but she always comes when called after a bit of fun first. She is a very intuitive dog and very switched on, she loves a good romp and will play ball all day if we let her. She is quite strong willed as well but that`s not a problem as we are quite firm with the boundaries ans she does get told off if she steps out of line. She does try and push the boundaries now and again but we dont let her have too much slack as she`s far too intelligent. We would like to thank Terry and Karen Curtiss for their help and the time they gave to her as she`s turned into a very happy contented dog.

Wishing you All The Best

Philip and Samantha Drake

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