Dear Sarah

How are you? I don’t know if you and Ross even remember a little mistreated
tortoiseshell cat called Maddy that you kept in your yard for a while last
summer? the one whose owner said she was aggressive and a horrible cat? I
thought that if so, you might like to hear an update, which is that she has
become more and more relaxed, goes up to everyone and tries to sit on
people’s knee, and never bites or scratches me any more (she does other
people occasionally if they don’t get her “stop that” signals). I’ve just
learned what she does and doesn’t like, eg she hates to be touched when
she’s sitting or lying on her front. But when she comes and lies on your
feet with her belly in the air, it means that she wants affection, and she
will let me stroke her back, sides and belly! Her jumping out with claws is
either playful or to get attention, and she’s learned not to do it with me
any more – or only with claws in – because I watched her at the times she
used to do it and told her not to. She’ll come to me from five roof-tops
away when I call and rub herself on my feet, lying on her back, purring so
loudly that it sounds as though she’s choking! It was just a question of
getting to know her and what annoys or scares her. She’s so much less jumpy,
and I love watching her outside because she looks happy! She comes and goes
across the rooftops and gardens, watches birds, lies in the sun – I see her
heading off on her favourite trails, and it looks as though she has a life
of her own that she’s made, and feels happy and secure. She’s an amazing
cat. Thank you again for looking after her so well – and for taking her back
for a while when my Dad was ill (he’s doing ok – very very tired now but
still in his own home).

I hope you’re well and happy too. You do such important work.

All the best


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