Hi Sarah and Ross
I hope you and the animals are well.
Just a quick note to update you on Dylan, he is an absolute dream and we love him! The first couple of days he was a nit nervous and obsessed with food, to the point he would bolt it down in one go and then was sick! He is much calmer now and we brought him a special food bowl which has humps in it to slow him down. He is also rather partial to apples and although we have picked every one of them from the trees he still manages to find them from them in the hedges!
We took them both for a long walk on Sandbanks beach last weekend and discovered he loves to swim.
He had another check up at the vet last week and all his lumps and bumps have all healed up nicely and he is now the weight he should be at 32kg,
I think that’s it for now except to say thank you for rescuing him and for allowing us to be his new “parents” He has brought us such joy and love and is now very much one of the family as you will see from the photos.
Love and best wishes Nicolette, Richard, Kindi and Dylan

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