All About Us!

We are a small UK registered charity based in Holbury in the New forest, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of unwanted animals.
Primarily we operate as a animal rescue, however we are passionate about educating owners on the 5 welfare needs that you are required by law as a owner to follow, by giving out this knowledge we hope that it will help prevent animals needing to come in to our care.
All Animal Rescue was founded by Sarah Mills and Ross Cheer 10 years ago, it is run from their home in Holbury. It is not a center that is open to the public, as all of the animals are kept in foster homes across the Southampton area.
Ross is a software engineer in his day job and Sarah is practice manager/unqualified nurse in her day job. Sarah is super lucky that Ross is so supportive of her passion for the rescue, his work wages pay for all the household bills and this allows her work wages to help pay for the day to day running of the rescue! This is also topped up by public donations and adoption fees.
Sarah has always been animal mad and looking through her photo’s the first time she was snapped helping on a rescue was at the early age of 7! She spent her childhood walking the neighbours’ dogs, following the herds of ponies on the forest learning about their behavior and taking in every bedraggled animal she could find, much to the annoyance of her family! They never knew what they would find in her room, when she was 10 she rescued a rabbit and made it a home in her wardrobe, needless to say it ate its way out and she was busted!!
As soon as she was old enough she was off pestering rescues to let her help, and she would not give up until they said yes! She would often be found doing all the horrible jobs like cleaning the kennels, picking up mountains of poo and cleaning cages, to prove she was worth having around. Sarah went on to work in many different rescues gaining as much knowledge and experience as she could.
Finally she met Ross, who was crazy enough to fall in love with this animal mad girl and she soon dragged him in to it and it was Ross that gave Sarah the courage and support to start her own Rescue, and that is where it all started.
Below is short video giving a brief overview of what we do and can now be found on YouTube
Click here to watch the video