Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for the Christmas card and Newsletter. We are so sorry to hear things have been hard. We have made a small donation online, sorry it is not bigger but I guess every little helps.

Chilli is doing FANTASTIC !!!! He is so lovely and he is just the cat we were looking for. He is around all the time, just nips outside for short periods but doesn’t even venture out of the garden! As soon as we sit on the sofa, he is there like a shot, looking for a lap to sit on! The dog and Woody settled very quickly and although they don’t exactly cuddle up, there is mutual respect and so we couldn’t ask for more. I have attached a photo of Chilli who has found a new lovely spot to sleep, under the Christmas tree.

I have to be honest and say that despite our efforts, he doesn’t seem to have lost much weight. I do think he is lazy though which doesn’t help!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and keep you the brilliant work that you do.

Kind Regards,
Kerry Butler