Hi Sarah!!

I thought I’d update you on how Dobby is doing. She has settled in beautifully and is very much part of the family! A cuddly little soul who loves nothing better than to snuggle up on the sofa of a an evening, preferably on your lap!! Her and Mia are best buddies as you can see in the pictures. We go for mega long walks in the Forest every day and she runs non-stop. She is very much a sight hound and quarters the ground trying to spring birds from the heather. It is hilarious because she then runs after them although they are about 30ft in the air, yapping in a high pitched voice. Her other obsession is trains!!! At Deerleap the trains blow their whistles and this is the cue for her to gallop alongside the high fence, yapping happily. She does this every time and never gets tired of failing to catch one!! I often wonder what the passengers think should they see this little brown dog cantering along! Luckily the fence is very secure and after about 50 yards she circles back with a very pleased expression on her face. She is a bit mistrustful of men so I think she might have been ill treated by a man at some point but soon comes around when she realises that no one is going to hurt her. She will bark briefly at men in the Forest occasionally, particularly if they are wearing something that covers their face or if they don’t have a dog with them but if I am by myself I think this is rather a comfort!

Dobby has filled out quite nicely but she will always be slender, I think. She loves our cats and can be found curled up in bed with Mia and Jasper, our Siamese who thinks he is a dog!

Thank you so much for allowing Dobby to become part of our family. I honestly can’t imagine life without her and we love her to bits.

Hope all is ok with you!

Kind regards as always

Sam Smith

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