Thomas O’Malley now Brian

Hello Sarah,

Brian and i wanted to send you an email to say he is very happy
settled in Brighton – he has had a rename since he left All Animal
Rescue and has got a little large! But the exciting news is that we
discovered he is no ordinary cat! He is a turkish Van, a swimming cat
and one of the oldest breeds in the world! The funny thing is, if you
go to youtube for google images you can see lots of fat brians
swimming about! his breed explains his loyal following of me around
hte house and his habit of playing fetch and also his size ( they can
get get up to 19lbs!). These cats are known as cat dogs for their
funny doggy behaviour!

We would like to make a paypal donation – would you have a paypal
account attached to this email address?

Many thanks for all your hard work and for bringing us together. I
absolutely adore him! He comes to greet me at the door every evening
when i come home and has made some friends with the local cats, he
likes to sit in the hall and saying meow to passers by! very funny.
But he is very happy as a house cat, just as you said he would be and
his FIV sniffle/soggy nose has gone completely – altough he does still

Thanks again and love from us

Erica and Fat Bri.

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