I was fortunate enough recently, to have been entrusted with Cailah,a 10-year-old female Bengal. When she first came to me, she made no eye contact, and was manic about food, leaping up onto the work surface to gobble it down, almost as I opened the pouch. She also had explosive diarrhoea and sought out “under cover” places to hide herself. To all intents and purposes a very insecure pusscat.
As the weeks have gone by, we have worked together to the point where she now has the most beautiful manners, waiting politely on the floor for her food, the litter problems were resolved after only 10 days, and she is the most loving, intelligent, responsive cat I have ever had.
She kisses me before going to sleep at night and every time she sees me, plays like a kitten with her mouse on a string, talks to me all the time, and loves watching the birdies flying and eating their bread. She has never killed anything, and never strays more than 15 feet from the house or garden.
To anyone worrying about adopting a Bengal or any pedigree cat, I would say go for it. If rapport with your pet is what you want, these are the creatures who will give it to you in spades. She is now the most laid-back, content and amenable pusscat – even her vet was astonished at how chilled she is. She went to have her claws trimmed, putting up no resistance, and actually settling down on the weighing scales, ready to go to sleep.
If you are prepared to work with this type of pusscat, be patient but firm, listen to their vocalisations regarding what they need from you, they will give you back a thousand percent what you have put in.