Jungle Monkey now Brian


It’s been a long time but I thought I would update you on how well Jungle Monkey, now named Brian, is doing. I adopted him about 2 and half years ago now where he came to live with me in my little flat in Basingstoke.
His FIV certainly hasn’t held him back in any way! He is the man of the house and sleeps nowhere else but on my pillow! He is the most loving and affectionate cat I could ever have asked for! He will do anything for a cuddle and as you soon as you sit down he is on your lap nudging you for more.
He will run to the door to meet me from work everyday and loves a night in on the sofa with a film.
I thought he was fully grown when we adopted him but he has grown into a small panther which could explain the huge appetite he has.
Thank you for introducing us to Brian, he is my little boy and I couldn’t live without him, he is a very happy cat and has made us in return very happy too.

Thank you again


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