Hey Sarah,

It’s been a little while so I thought I may give you a little update on Darcy.
In the past few months she’s settled in well. She goes outside regularly now, coming back hours later, ready for cuddles. She embraces any visitor after they spend 10 minutes in the home, coming to them for strokes and games with string. She’s also particularly fond of our laser pointer, and spends most of her day sleeping, washing, playing and ripping her scratching post to shreds.
She’s a very friendly cat we’re glad to have, and very happy to see her abandon a lot of her previous anxious mannerisms and adopting a comfortable, placid, yet still sometimes excitable nature.
The only issue we have is that she seems to be a great hunter. It’s great for her, but blood on the carpet from the 4 birds that she’s brought home in the last week isn’t fun for me. I even tried putting a collar with a bell on her. She sulked for a few hours, then defiantly went outside and brought back a much larger, much deader bird five minutes later. So we removed the collar. Not sure if you’d have any suggestions on that front?
But other than that, we’re incredibly grateful to have her. Thanks again for providing us with a good friend.
Here’s a photo of Darcy having a rest on my partner’s lap, comfortably draped in her towel
She enjoys sleeping on our laps, and purrs even at the hint of food or strokes.
Hope you are well, Regards,
— Brittany
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