Sadly we lost our lovely Scarlet just before Christmas. She was the grand old age of 29!
Since she came to us 10 years ago, she had a couple of months of stress getting her better, she was sent to Monty Roberts who failed to tame her and she famously kicked him in the face!!
After that we decided this girl deserved her freedom, as we are New Forest Commoners and she was indeed a New Forest Pony we released her to live a life of freedom, only being bothered once a year on the annual round up, for a much needed health check and wormer.
Scarlet only ever took a treat out of my hand once and I never stroked her, but she would often follow us around on a forest dog walk and she was a much loved favorite by the older herd of ponies who she hung around with and by locals who lived on her part of the forest, so was often let in to lawn mow lawns and given the odd treat!
Scarlet’s passport name was Sorrow and when she arrived with us she was so depressed it suited her, but after 6 months and till her dying day it could not have been further from the truth, she was a happy little soul and we will miss her dearly.