Risk of closure!

It is with a heavy heart and tears that I am writing this post.
We are at serious risk of closure, the rescue bank is empty and I have used £8000 of my own savings to keep the rescue open for the last two years and that has now run out.
We would like to let all owners/potential new owners of our rescue animals (as we still have a few animals in that are looking for homes) that we will always take any of our animals back even if we close, I made all of those lovely babies a promise and I will keep it. All of the resident animals will stay with me as my own.
Animals are my life, they were my one constant through a difficult childhood and kept me going when all I wanted to do was give up. so I have devoted my adult life trying to repay that favour to them.
The last couple of years have been really tough on the rescue, the demand for our help has been overwhelming!
As many of you know we are a very small team here, all of our animals are kept in foster homes and we only use kennels as a last resort and the rest of the rescue is run from my home.
All Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation and have shied away from charity status as we want to keep control of the rescue. Now I know this sounds a bit OCD, however we want to be able to decided what happens with the animals that come in to our care, quite a few of our animals have come to us from other organisations as they were deemed unsuitable for re-homing, in most cases these animals have just needed time, stability and good quality care and have gone on the be re-homed as loving pets.
The rescue is funded by donations and my wages! ( My long, suffering better half pays all the bills and he allows my wages to go on the rescue) Over the last couple of years with a larger number of animals coming in, we have found it hard to have the time to get out and about fundraising. I hear you shouting get volunteers to go out!! There are so many animal lovers out there, but time is precious and finding people willing to get up at 5am to do a car boot sale on possibly there one day off in the week, is really hard and don’t get me wrong I understand! Money is also tight for everyone so even asking for simple cake sales for Coffee mornings is more expensive than people think, cakes are not the cheapest thing to make anymore. So if anyone out there has any great ideas on easy fundraising we would be interested to here them.
We have started a Crowd funding page to try and stop the closure, if we can raise these much needed funds we will not only be able to prevent the closure, but we will be able to reopen the rescue’s doors to animals in need.
If you are able to donate, even if it is a £1 please follow the link to our Crowdfunding page
All Animal Rescue Southampton Crowdfunding page

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