Chickens – Betty, Hetty, Hatty and Doris

Betty, Hetty, Hatty and Doris where rescued by All Animal Rescue on their way to an intensive battery farming unit. These ladies were victims of an up and coming tend in schools to do the “Living egg project” Click here for more information on what the “living egg project is”

These girls had been hatched and brought up and loved by young children, only to be discarded to a life of hell when they were no longer of use! I’m all up for showing our children where our food comes from, but teaching them that animals can just be discarded when they are no longer wanted is not what we should be educating!

These lovely ladies will now stay in the rescue as permanent residents, they are so friendly and cheeky that they are perfect for taking to talks and educating people on how to care for animals and to show them what the rescue does.