Vets fee’s appeal!

Just giving Vets Fee’s appeal

This year we have seen a huge increase in animals coming in not only sick with the usual acute fleas, worms and cat flue, but with conditions that have not been treated for a long period of time, due to their owners not having the funds to treat them and animals with acute congenital conditions caused by people breeding from animals that are not good enough specimens to be bred from!

This year we have seen baby animals coming in with conditions that we only see normally in adult animals!

When an animal comes in to the rescue they will get everything they need to give them the best shot of a new life, however with so many coming in with specialist medical needs our vet fee reserves are disappearing fast!

Even if you can spare Just £1 it would be a massive help to the team at All Animal Rescue and all of the animals that need our help.

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