What is the process of adopting a animal?

Firstly we will get you to come and meet the animal you are interested in. All of our animals are in volunteer foster homes, so this will have to be a time that is mutually agreeable to the both of you. Our foster carers are amazing people who give up hundreds of hours caring for these animals in their own home and are happy to go that extra bit further by having strangers coming round, in the aid of getting the best possible home for the animal. (Please bear this in mind when you go to visit, you would not believe the amount of people who either don’t turn up and people who are over an hour late with no message to let them know what is happening)

Here at All Animal Rescue we are passionate about matching the animal to the owner, so if you come to meet one of our animals and we feel you don’t take well to each other we would not proceed with the adoption. Animal ownership should be a pleasure and it is so important that you are a match from the start.

Once you have visited the animal and we are happy you are a good match, we will ask you to go away and have a good think about it. Really have a good think, can i afford the monthly flea and worm treatment, can I afford the vet bills, do I really have time for my new pet etc. We give everyone 48 hours to have a good think, in that time we will not let anyone else come to see the animal, so there is no pressure that someone will come and pip you to the post. After the 48 hours, if we have not heard from you the animal will go back up for adoption, we will not be offended at all if you change your mind, or if you think the animal is just not for you, we really want it to be right.

So you have decided you would like the animal – We now reserve them for you. A home check will be booked (see the home check section for further information)

Now you have passed your home check we book you in for an adoption date, this maybe in the future because the animal is still waiting for a vaccination, recovering from an operation or if you want to book some time off from work to help them settle in etc

If you are adopting a dog we do a weeks home trial prior to adoption (this can be extended if necessary) nowadays many of us have more than one pet and we find especially with dogs it is super important that everyone including your existing animals are happy with the new member of the family (We don’t want to re-home an animal to make another one feel uncomfortable or homeless!) After the 7 days we will call you and see how things are going, if everything is going well and your happy to move on with the adoption process, we move on to the step below. If you feel you need more time we can extend it at this point.

On the collection day we will change the micro chip information over to you, activate your 5 weeks free insurance if it is a cat or a dog, pass over all documentation for example vaccination card and medical history (if relevant) and you sign the adoption form. This is the point that you pay your adoption fee, which is £250 for dogs £125 for cats and £50 for rabbits. Adoption fee’s are non refundable.