Mini Lard, Mervyn, Nibbles and Dave

Posted October 8th, 2016 by sarah

Lard came in to the rescue 5 years ago from a breeder, sadly all of her babies she was producing were still born, so she was now surplus to requirements. Due to being white with red eyes nobody wanted to adopt her, so she is now a permanent resident, she is now 8 years old.

Dave is only 2 and is a permanent resident, as he absolutely hates to be handled and no matter how hard we have tried he screams until you put him down! in light of this we felt he was not suitable for re-homing and will live out his days with us.

Mervyn came in to the rescue as a unclaimed stray. Mervyn is a very social rabbit who is amazing with all rabbits he is a old boy now with a estimated age of 10 years, we kept Mervyn as a permanent resident as he was brilliant at looking after all of the rescue rabbits when they came in and showing them that there is nothing to be scared of. Mervyn became a part of the team at all animal rescue.

Nibbles came in to the rescue this year as a unwanted childs pet. Nibbles is a escape artist who loves to dig!! Nibbles is a permanent resident for this reason! She is also turning out to be a bit like Mervyn and has been fab at looking after rabbits and guinea pigs that have not had the best start! Recently she has also taken to being body guard to the guinea pigs and if any local cats come in to the garden she is the first to chase them off!!

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