Mr Bojangles


Mr Bojangles is a 14 (ish) year old neutered male ginger and white domestic shorthair cat. Mr. Bojangles was found as a stray by a lovely old lady in her garden. He was very thin, dirty and just very unloved. It was clear that at some point in his past he had been looked after as he is just so friendly and he had been castrated. His finder started her search for his owner, but after two months of searching with no owner coming forward and no pets allowed in her property, she needed a more permanent solution for this lovely old boy and that is where we stepped in to offer him a space in our rescue.

Mr Bojangles is in the very early stages of renal failure. (renal failure is diagnosed by a blood test, when measuring the renal function you are given a normal range for example between 1 and 100 is normal, Mr Bojangles was 102 so literally in the very early stages)
This lovely little old man requires no medication at present, just monitoring and a 6 monthly check up with a vet. If you wanted to go down the gold standard care route you could start him on a renal function diet, which will just support his body and give him everything he needs. Mr Bojangles also suffers with mild arthritis in his hips, which just requires monitoring, the odd dose of anti inflammatory and we have started him on a supplement called yumove which goes in his food and is just a standard oap joint supplement. All though this sounds like a lot of health care, for an old boy who has clearly lived a rough life, he is doing pretty well.
This lovely old man just wants a warm bed and a human with a warm lap and who will give him a good chin scratch! He does not like dogs, he is not bothered by other cats (as long as they leave him alone) and he is not keen on noisy children.

Mr Bojangles is fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and worm and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Mr Bojangles a home either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]

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    Mr Bojangles has settled in well and I had my first full half-hour lap cuddle on Thursday! He gets on fine with our other cat, although he has slapped her bottom a couple of times! He is still a bit timid, but is getting better all the time. He is a real milk monster and will always come out for a drop of cat milk, if nothing else! He’s very sweet.

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