Coal – Lucky Coal has now found an amazing new home in Manchester!!

Coal is a 2.5 year old Black domestic shorthair neutered male cat. Coal came in to the rescue after he had gone through five homes in three weeks on Facebook.

When Coal arrived at the rescue his pupils were like dinner plates and he just wanted to curl in to a ball in a dark area, it was at this point we knew this poor boy was hurting. Coal went off to the vets and after some pain relief instantly settled.
The vets gave him a thorough MOT and we found that he had extreme pain in his neck and were sent home with a week of anti-inflammatory medication. Coal massively improved however he still seemed uncomfortable when being stroked in that area, so he went back for x-rays. These didn’t show anything skeletal, so he went for further scans and these showed muscle damage to the neck. Coal’s neck damage is the kind of injury that might be caused when a cat has got caught up on it’s collar and dangled until it has snapped or stretched enough for them to get out. Luckily for Coal this meant that it was just going to be time for the muscles to heal and for the him to regain trust in humans again!

I have no doubt that he was passed from home to home because he would swipe at you if you went near his neck and was deemed a nasty cat, however Coal is far from this: he was just in a lot of pain.

Coal is a nervous but super-affectionate boy: he is fine to be stroked, however due to his neck damage we avoid that area and stoke down his back and to his tail, which he loves! This little guy is very playful and has been impeccably clean in the house.

Coal is very fearful of other cats so he would need to go to a new home where he is going to be the only cat. He needs an owner who is understanding and patient, who is going to give him the time to get over his injury and give him the space to come out of his shell.

Coal is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and worming and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Coal a home either call 02380 893188 or email [email protected]