Nipper came in to the rescue at the grand old age of 11. He had been left straying in a right state, thin, hair loss from the worst infestation of fleas I have seen in a long time, sores from from the fleas and a terrible ear infection.

He went straight to the vets for a good mot and it was also discovered that he had a heart murmur and later Myoclonus and was completely deaf.
Now 12 and at the moment in good health it was decided that he would become a long term resident of the rescue, his health conditions did not make him a good prospect for rehoming.

Nipper is an amazing little man and loves nothing more than affection and food!! What Nipper really wanted was a bunch of children to adore and feed him, but ones that were used to dealing with special needs dogs, our amazing foster carer and her brilliant rabble of boys offered to step up and give him a loving home for the rest of his days, however long that may be.

Nipper will have the full support of the vet care team here at the rescue and the love and attention from Cara and her boys.

If you would like to donate to Nippers on going vet care please follow the link below: