Bunny – Has now found a perfect home in Hythe.

Bunny is a 3 year old domestic longhair black and white neutered female.

Bunny is a beautiful cat, she is super affectionate and loves to spend time with you and follow you round while your doing your daily jobs. Bunny is a long haired cat and requires a lot of grooming, Bunny likes to be able to go outside and this does indeed make her grooming for intensive.
In general Bunny is great to be groomed, however she does not like matts to be cut or shaved out, when she came in to us she had a fair few matts, so to reduce her stress levels she went to the vets to be sedated to have them shaved out. If you keep on top of her grooming she should not need a trip to the vets again for grooming.

Bunny is not suitable to go to a home with children under the age of 15, due to her previous issues, she is quite fearful of dogs so a home with no dogs is paramount, ideally she would go to a home with his brother Bauer, however she is very amiable to other laid back cats.

Bunny is fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Bunny a home either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]