Rest In Peace Sanka

Sanka arrived at the rescue back in September absolutely terrified, he had come from a home with extreme domestic violence issues and this has left him very much a shell of a dog.
Sanka had zero trust in humans and was so frightened he would wet himself if you touched him, would run and hide if he heard any raised voices and was so anxious he struggled to  relax enough to eat.

It took months of hard work and dedication from his foster parents Nic, Cam and Sandra, but eventually Sanka started to see light at the end of the tunnel! His confidence started to grow and you would watch him starting to let go and have fun! His love of the ball brought his tail from between his legs to up and wagging and he was finally moving in the right direction.

He then started to lose weight again, we put this down to a tummy upset he had and the antibiotics which he took to make it better. However we knew something was wrong when he completely stopped eating, he was taken to the vets and on examination a mass was found in his abdomen. Sanka was booked in the next day for full investigations but sadly it came back as a huge tumour enveloping his liver and it had started to spread.

Due to the speed in which he had gone down hill we decided not to wake him up from the anesthetic and let him go across to rainbow bridge where he would feel no pain.

His passing has been a huge loss to the team. However i can safely say that thanks to Cam, Nic and Sandra, Sanka finally knew what it was like to be truly loved and to live the life a dog should live! As you can see from the photo’s they certainly gave him his smile back!!