1st Entry is Labrador Luna

This is Luna and she is my best friend!! We spend every minute of everyday together and have the greatest bond with each other. Her bond is so special to me because she’s like a human, she’s best friend and always seems to know how to cheer me up. She is the cutest thing ever and just has the best personality. I love spending all my time with her because she is funny and loves life. I love how she just comes to me and flops her head on my lap when I sit on the floor and I love how when I do my school work she just sits by my feet until I finish and that we both love running through the rivers and lakes. I also love that whenever we play together she brings out every toy in her box to me and plays with each one, we both have a nutty personality and share a love of a lot of things: playing in the water, running free, messing around with each other, food and sleeping ( at night when we lay in the living room she will fall asleep on my lap and dream away). I love her with all my heart and Couldn’t imagine living without