Ziggy! Has now found a new forever home, with the best new doggy friend!!

Ziggy is a 2 year old Collie x Greyhound, lemon brindle, neutered male.

Ziggy came in to us in a terrible state, he had no hair and was covered in open wounds and severely underweight.
Ziggy had been found as a stray, however we feel he was dumped due to his medical issues. The saddest part was once he was taken to the vets it was determined that he had Demodex, this is a type of mange which is relatively cheap to treat, for Ziggy he required just two tablets of Bravecto costing £70 in total to bring his skin back to normal and after 4 months of good quality care his hair is almost completely back.

So far Ziggy has shown no recurrences of the Demodex, however if he is kept on the flea and tick treatment Bravecto this will also keep the Demodex under control.
When Ziggy arrived it was like he has been kept in a box his whole life, as although he was around 18 months, he acted like a 8 week old puppy, it was so bizarre as he was an adult. whatever had happened to him in his early life seriously stunted his development.

The one consistent with this boy was that there was not a single element of malice in this boys body! So with months of training we have got Ziggy from mentally being a 6 week old pup to around a 16 month old dog!! lol
He is clean in the house, good to be left up to 4 hours, great with children, good with cats, chickens, horses, cows and sheep. Is fantastic on and off the lead and is a real cuddle monster.

Ziggy’s only real negative is that he is very much a sheep and will mirror the dog that he is with, this is because although he seems bold and confident in reality he just gets his confidence from the animals around him, so a home with another dog is essential.
However it is super important that it is the right match of dog, Ziggy likes to play so he needs a fun but sensible role model.

Ziggy is neutered, fully vaccinated, micro chipped and up to date with all flea treatment and wormer. If you feel you could offer Ziggy a home either e-mail [email protected] or call 02380 893188