Best In Show Finalists – Results will be revealed soon!

Luna Bennett Child’s Best Friend

Prinnie Hayes Best Rescue

Doris King Fancy Dress

Parsnip Robinson Golden Oldie Small Furrie

Monty Sherriff Most Handsome

Cleo Robinson Prettiest Small Furrie

Buddy Lush Cutest Puppy

Poppy Allen Golden Oldie


lly Sherriff Prettiest Girl

Stanley King Most Handsome

Chip Lang Best Trick

Moss Penny and Jazz Courtney Best Action Shot

Shella dobra Prettiest Exotic

Jaffa Cake Murch Most Handsome Exotic!

64 Year old Daniel Robinson Golden Oldie Exotic

Peanut Murch Cutest Kitten

Polly Fry Golden Oldie

Tobias Carrington Most Handsome

Domino Withall Prettiest

Lacey Severn Golden Oldie

Captain Jack Vercoe – Robins Most Handsome

Kiirsty Severn Prettiest Bird

Peanut Severn Cutest Baby bird