Bonnie And Clyde – Have found a great new home in Southampton!

Bonny is a 13 month old female Degu and Clyde is a 13 month old neutered male Degu. They came in to the rescue after their previous owners brought them as two males and ended up with a litter of baby Degu’s!!

Well where do we start, Bonnie and Clyde are a bonded pair. They are full of character, cheeky, funny, very entertaining and occasionally naughty (they love to throw the odd poo through the bars at you!!)

When they came in to the rescue they didn’t really like any sort of interaction but in time they have come round well. although they are still not keen to be picked up, they do enjoy a stroke and a squashed dried pea in the evening.

They will need to go to a forever home that has experience with owning Degu’s as they are not the easiest pets to own. They have very specific care and nutritional needs. They will also require a completely metal cage, as this species are excellent at chewing through plastic!!

They love each other dearly and snuggle together but will have the odd marital tiff over a monkey nut. They spend 80% of their waking hour playing in their wheel so this would be a must purchase for any prospective owners! It would need to be a minimum of 12 inch diameter as any smaller will damage their spine, they also require regular dust baths but they bath can not be left in, so a removable one would need to be purchased.
They chew everything and we mean everything, so a variety of Degu friendly chew toys would be needed to maintain healthy teeth.

They are very active throughout the day and can be noisy, they would not be suitable for young children, but would be an ideal pet for a teenager or animal mad adult.

Bonnie and Clyde are now ready to go, so if you feel you could offer them a home either call 02380 893188 or e-mail [email protected]

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