Queenie Needs Your Help!

Queenie is a 18 year old 12.2hh Mini Cob mare.

Queenie came in to the rescue with 6 other horses. Their owner had great intentions but just didn’t realise the cost, time required, knowledge required and land required to look after 7 horses. Sadly the horses started to suffer and at this point the owner made the brave decision to face up to her mistakes and make sure they all went to a place that they could get the care they needed.

When Queenie arrived to the rescue she needed to be passported, micro chipped, vaccinated, deloused, wormed, a dental performed and a much needed trim from the farrier.
Queenie was extremely hand shy and her previous owners had explained that they had purchased her from Gypsies and that they were very rough with her.
While she was having her mot from the vets we discovered that she not only had a terribly teeth with multiple infections and ulcers, but she was also diagnosed with Equine Asthma.
It was at this point we decided that we would keep Queenie as a permanent resident as it was just too much to ask for someone to take on the cost of her medical needs.
Well we have spent a year and a half battling the infection and damage in Queenie’s mouth and I am happy to say that the bulk of this has been achieved!!
However to give her a long and happy retirement with no dental issues Queenie now needs the final stage of her dental treatment.
Due to being grazed on stoney ground with very little grass before she came to us, she has done irreparable damage to two of her front teeth and due to a previously poor diet she has two teeth that require fillings.
This treatment is going to cost £1400 in total. This may sound like a huge amount of money, but this will ensure that Queenie can live the rest of her life pain free and without multiple issues.
Horses are grazing animals and need to be able to eat constantly so healthy teeth are vital to a healthy horse and with horses having the ability to live up to 40 years of age, doing this now will ensure her retirement is a healthy, happy and pain free one.

If you feel you could donate towards the cost of Queenie’s Dental treatment you can either donate directly to the rescue account:
All Animal Rescue

or by Paypal
[email protected]

Or share this post, the more publicity this girl gets the greater chance we have of getting the funds needed.

Huge Hugs in advance for your support