Pushkin and Cloud – Now in a new home in Southsea!!

Although we are placing these two up for adoption, we will not be homing them until lock down is over, please register your interest by emailing us on the details below.

Pushkin and Cloud are two 1 year old Persian Cross neutered male and female longhaired cats.

Pushkin and Cloud came in to the rescue via a local vet practice, there owner was unable to manage their coat and health needs so handed them in to the vets.

Pushkin is a cheeky monkey who is in to everything and loves nothing more climbing and breaking in to cupboards.
Cloud is rubbish at climbing but loves to come and cuddle up next to you but is shy on first meeting.
When they arrived to the rescue they were heavily matted and had clearly never been taught about brushing, they were underweight and Pushkin was suffering from a stress related urinary condition and vomiting daily from being fed a cheap brand of cat food (Persians are incredibly sensitive).
Both cats were clipped and we have slowly been getting them accustomed to being groomed which is vital as they have both inherited the Persian hair. Pushkin had to go on to antibiotics and a urinary diet as he had an inflamed bladder from the stress of his situation. Although this has now been rectified there is a chance that this could return in the future. However this can be easily managed with a special urinary diet from your vets.
Both Pushkin and Cloud have no sense of danger and with having the Persian hair (which matt’s at the slightest bit of wet) we would like these two rehomed as house cats only. They do love to sunbathe so we would be looking for a home that is able to have a catio installed so that they can enjoy the summer sunshine.
They would suit a quite home with no other cats, they could cope with a very quiet dog and would be suitable for children over 14.

The monthly insurance cost for these two would be around £50.00 for the both of them on a policy which would cover his urinary issue.

They both eat the Royal Canin Persian Biscuits which has settled their tummies and stopped their vomiting. this is £59 for a 10kg sack and lasts around 3 months.

Pushkin and Cloud are neuterd, vaccinated, microchipped, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and come with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Pushkin and Cloud a home please email [email protected].