Charlie Update!!

Hi Sarah,
I hope all is still going well with the rescue! I thought I’d just email a little a Charlie update.
He’s been living out with me in the Czech Republic for over a year now, and it’s been so incredibly wonderful. He is like my little shadow here, always by my side, and our bond has found a whole new level – everyone comments on how incredibly in-sync we are. It took some adjusting at first, it’s a big step becoming a single dog mum while also a full time PhD student haha! But we found our routine quickly and Charlie is still so full of life and love!
He’s absolutely adored by all my housemates(family photo attached from a field site visit), friends and colleagues so he accompanies me literally everywhere. He has made lots of doggy friends too (some shown below). Half my time I’m based at a veterinary university, and there’s more dogs than offices in my department so it’s lovely to see him getting so much socialisation. 
Despite his ever greying hair he’s still taking everything in his stride – first mountain trip, first backpacking trip, first wild camping trip! (you’ll see the picture where he insisted on sharing a sleeping bag)
Hope these pictures can share a bit of his joy!
Thank you for all you do for the animals back home.
All the best for the coming year,Bethan

P.S. Sorry for bombarding you with quite so many pictures but he’s just beams joy and adventure in every one it’s hard to pickEmoji