Runtley and Bella – Have gone to an amazing new home in Regents Park

Bella is a 2 year old Bella Dutch neutered female rabbit. Runtley is a two year old Mini Rex neutered male rabbit.

These two came in to the rescue as their owner could not afford to look after them, these two originally lived separately however after they were both neutered we managed to bond them successfully.

Bella is very shy until she gets to know you, she is getting used to being picked up, but still finds it a little uncomfortable. Runtley is a very confident little fellow and is happy to be stroked and picked up.

We are looking for a home where these two can go together, with a household that understand the true welfare needs of rabbits, that want to give them a home with a hutch that is of excellent build quality which is suitable for both summer and winter and with a good quality run area for them to roam free and sunbathe.
These two are suitable to go with children over the age of 6, however these are to be family pets and not the children’s. We have far too many rabbits come in to the rescue who have been left forgotten at the bottom of the garden with mum or dad rushing out to do the very basics, this is not good enough for our animals.

Rabbits are very intelligent and need the space to stay fit and the stimulation to remain happy and healthy in the mind.

Bella and Runtley are fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered and up to date with all wormers. If you feel you could offer Bella and Runtley a home email [email protected]