Crazy Daisy Becomes A Failed Foster Dog

Daisy came in to the rescue after being extremely let down by the rescue that originally brought her in to the country.

Originally from Romania Daisy was rehomed as a 4 month old puppy to the first family. They were a family with young children and did not understand that they were getting a feral pup. They tried to return her to the rescue after a month but the rescue refused to take her back.
They could not find another rescue to take her so they put her up for sale on Gumtree and she was then sold to another family. This then happened a further three times and she was finally sold to a lady with 2 children with learning difficulties and a new born baby!
The children had been violent towards Daisy and she had subsequently bit them.
When Daisy arrived at the rescue she was totally under socialised and would revert back to running in fear and if cornered she would bite (As our poor vet found out) I would like to point out that Daisy never wanted to bite she was just in a sheer state of terror 100% of the time.
We are now a year on and due to the extreme hard work and dedication of her foster parents Mark and Larissa, she has now learnt to trust, she is now a happy dog who plays with toys, goes on walks and is happy to greet people she meets!!
The relationship Daisy has built with Larissa is amazing and to part these two would be criminal, so I am pleased to say she is now a member of the Allen Family!!

If you are thinking of adopting a dog from abroad, please do thorough research!! Don’t let another dog end up in the situation that Daisy did!!

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