Hormonal Lily Finds Her Forever Home!

Lilly came in to the rescue as she had started showing worrying behaviors in her home! Her owners had tried behaviorists and trainers but after Lily tried to bite the baby, her lovely owners asked if we could take her in.

From the start Lilly was a super hormonal teenager, she was not aggressive as such but super reactive. She reminded me of a hormonal female teenager, when you asked her to do something she did not want to do you would have a completely dramatic over reaction and would bite out of frustration. We could see why her owners struggled.

Lily went in to foster and settled but was still very highly strung. As we do with all dogs she was neutered and this was highly recommended as we knew that this would help the hormonal side of her behavior.
Sadly Lily developed a rare complication which meant she had a phantom pregnancy, this made her behavior 100% worse, she became extremely difficult and bit a member of the household, however her amazing foster family followed all of our instructions to the letter and battled through the hard reality of living with a super unstable Lily, while the medication to stop the phantom pregnancy kicked in.

Well I am pleased to say that 5 months later her hormones have finally settled and Lily is now a more balanced little lady and not only that her foster parents have decided to keep her. They know this complex little girl inside out and are committed to continuing her training program.

Lilly was a really difficult case and is truly a testament to her foster parents hard work and determination.

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