Martha-Has now found the best new home in West Byfleet!! Onwards and upwards beautiful girly!

Martha is a 4 year old neutered female American Bulldog.

Martha came in to the rescue after being used and abused as a breeding female, she had the worst ear infection we had ever seen and on initial examination we thought she was going to need major surgery to remove part of the ear canal on both ears!
It took 5 months of treatment, a new diet and a lot of hard work from the volunteers and we have managed to save her ear canals!! It is now maintained with a injection from the vets, she needs to have this every 1-2 months.

Now I am going to start with the negatives with Martha, as she is such a gem all sense will go out of the window once you meet her.

  1. Martha can open most doors!! and if left with access to the kitchen she will raid all cupboards and pull everything out! However she can not do baby cupboard locks so this can be easily resolved.
  2. Due to the damage left by the long term ear infection and mild allergic skin disease Martha requires a Cytopoint injection from the vets. These injections need to be given every one to two months (once her ears start to irritate her she needs the jab straight away) These jabs will set you back around £148 a time!!! Due to this being an pre existing condition so will never be covered under an insurance policy.
    Martha also requires a good quality hypo allergenic diet, she is currently on Ava skin and stomach which is £40 for a 15kg bag, this will last her just over a month.
    Being a large dog her flea treatment and wormer comes in at around £55 every three months and finally her insurance that will cover everything but her ears is around £55 a month, so she is not a cheap pooch to own.

Now to tell you how why she is worth that huge monthly expense!

Great with dogs
Great with Kids
Good with cats as long as they are used to dogs (she will chase if they run)
Great with Horses
Great with Sheep
Great with Cows
Great on and off the lead
Good to be left for up to 4 hours (as long as everything is lock out of her reach)
Loves to travel in the car

Martha is a gentle giant and everyone that meets her falls in love with her, you can take this girl anywhere and she is so well behaved. Martha would fit in to most households, however our only stipulation is that she must have another dog for company as she loves it so much.
Martha loves her exercise so will need a super active home, at the moment she does between 3 and 6 miles a day and could always go for more, she loves to be out running and swimming. Martha has been on home trial before, however they allowed her to get obese so we removed her from their care. We are looking for a home that is passionate about keeping her as fit and as healthy as possible.

Martha is fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could give Martha a home please email [email protected]