Poppy – Is currently on hold, sadly she has taken a turn for the worse over Christmas and is currently under further investigation.

Poppy is a 4 year old tiny mini lop neutered female rabbit.

Poppy came in to the rescue with her rabbit Husband Sooty. Sadly the set up was not suitable for such a large and small rabbit, this has left them with muscle wastage and due to boredom Sooty would hump poor Poppy constantly, due to his huge size he has caused damage to both her spine and hips.
The decision was made to split them, Poppy has been on a rehab program and has been put on daily pain relief, which has seen her go from strength to strength.

Poppy is a very happy bunny, however she will need a very special home as she is a disabled bunny. She will need daily pain relief for the rest of her life and she will need to be an indoor bunny due to her arthritis.

Poppy likes other rabbits, but due to her disabilities she does need to be housed separately, but it would be nice if she can go to a home where she can chat to others through the safety of the bars.

Poppy would not be suitable to go to a home with young children, she is used to cats and dogs that are very calm around her.

Poppy is fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. If you feel you could offer Poppy a home e-Mail [email protected]