Kiki and Tammy – Now has a fab new home in Fareham😊

Kiki is a 14 year old tabby and white domestic shorthair neutered female and Tammy is Kiki’s 12 year old daughter, she is a domestic shorthair tortoiseshell neutered female.

Kiki and Tammy came in to the rescue as their owner was sadly having to move to a smaller property with no access to the outside, she desperately wanted to keep them as she has had them from kittens, but she knew she was no longer able to give them what they needed and made the really hard decision to get them a new home.

Both cats are in excellent condition and do not look their age at all! They are a little plump so have had to go on a diet, however most of this is down to how lazy they both are!!
Here at the rescue, any animal that comes in to the rescue over the age of 8 get a blood test, just so we can make sure all of their internal organs are working fine and there is not any old age illness’s creeping in. Tammy’s were perfect and Kiki was one click in to the very early stages or renal failure (so not in renal failure, essentially she is just starting to show her age) and she had slightly raised inflammatory markers.
On investigation she did have a bit of plaque build up which was irritating her gums and the vet felt this was probably the cause of inflammation markers. Kiki had her dental and at the age of 14 had zero teeth removed and just a through scale and polish which is nothing short of amazing for her age!!
For belt and braces and to give her the best chance of a long and healthy life we have started her on the Royal canin Early renal food, this food just helps her system to stay at its best and costs around £25 a month.
With Tammy being a little porky we have started her on Hills Metabolic mixed with Hills T/D dental food mixed together, we have done this mix as the metabolic will help her to lose weight and the T/D will help to maintain her teeth in the great condition that they are. This combination costs around £20 a month. We have them both on Seraquin joint supplement which they think is a great treat just to help their ageing joints and this works out at £13 a month.
As you can imagine with them both liking their food we have had to look for a solution to stop them eating each others food. Kiki and Tammy now both have their own microchip feed bowls, this means they can only access their own food!! These can be purchased online or can be purchased from the rescue for £55 each.

Now about the lovely ladies. These two girls are just amazing they are so sweet natured, love to be brushed and love nothing more than a lap. Kiki is more of a house cat and rarely ventures out of the house, Tammy is a sun worshipper and likes the odd stroll to the outside world. For a home that prefers house cats Tammy would be happy for a catio.
The girls do not mind dogs that are used to cats and are fine with calm older children, they have lived with other cats in the past, however we feel that these two would be better as the only pair in the house.

Kiki and Tammy are fully vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, up to date with all their flea treatment and wormer and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Kiki and and Tammy a home please email [email protected]