Lily – Has now found an amazing new home in the New Forest!

Lily is a 7 month old Whippet, Greyhound and Deerhound mix, neutered fawn female.

Lily sadly came in to the rescue due to a relationship breakdown.

Lily is very much a typical puppy, she has a particular like for de-stuffing items, we give her lots of toys to de-stuff however the one day she was left for 20 minutes unsupervised she did de-stuff a sofa cushion!! This was totally our fault as we should have made sure that she was left with plenty of her own items to keep her occupied.

Lily is almost completely toilet trained and can now hold between 4 & 5 hours.

Great with other dogs.

Good with cats (she does like to try and be friends with them, which cats do find annoying, but no malice)

Lily walks nicely on the lead, but will get excited when she see’s other dogs and bark ( Lily is already quite big, so this is something that the new owners will need to continue to train out of her, although we know that she is only being friendly others don’t, so she needs to learn how to approach other dogs on the lead properly)

Lily is almost perfect on her recall off lead, this is something any new owner would need to be committed to continuing her training off lead.

Lily is amazing with children from the age of 4 up, she is a big puppy so she should never be left unsupervised with children.

Lily is crate trained and is good to be left for up to 90 minutes at this age.

Lily is good around horses, cows and is good with sheep and chickens behind a fence, but needs extra work on her training when the fence is not there, again no malice, but she forgets the boundaries.

It is really important for any new family to be committed in continuing her training, we would advise that the new family take her on a puppy training course together. This means that everyone will be on the same page and it is a great way to bond and grow with your new dog.

Lily needs a home where she will not be left for more than 90 minutes, has another dog to keep her company and ideally children as she loves them so much! Lily is a medium to high energy dog so will need an active household to match.

Lily is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel like you could offer Lily a home e-mail [email protected]