Mika – Has bagged herself a great new home in stafford! Not just that but she has finally learned how to be a ferret!

Mika is a 1 year old Pole cat/ Ferret female.

Mika came in as she was purchased as a pet for a child, however the owners had not done their research and did not realise that they need lots of handling, training, medical care and that they really should not live alone.

Due to lack of handling when she was a baby, Mika has learnt that it is acceptable to explore her handler with her mouth! She does not bite hard and is learning fast that this is not acceptable.
Mika becomes over stimulated quickly, we think this is because she is lonely and is in desperate need to have a friend.
Mika is a sweet little character and has no malice, she wants to be doing everything you are doing and has us in fits of giggles.

We are looking for an experienced ferret home, that has another ferret to keep Mika company with a nice big enclosure to keep her fit and entertained.

Mika has had a 4 year Suprelorin hormone implant placed inside her, as spaying ferrets is no longer recommended due to the long term side effects it can cause.

Mika is chemically spayed (4 year lasting implant), micro chipped and up to date with all flea, mite and worm treatment. If you feel you could offer Mika a home please e-mail [email protected]