Ant and Dec!

Ant and Dec are two 4 year old neutered male large crossbreed goats!

They originally came in to the rescue as there owner no longer had the time for them and it wasn’t long before they were off to their new home on the Isle of Wight! However this naughty pair had gone to keep a horse company after his previous goat friend had passed. They did this wonderfully, however they took their grooming rituals a little too seriously and ended up eating the poor ponies mane and tail!
Both parties had to be separated and both became so unhappy about the split, so we felt it best that they came back to the rescue!

The pair are back in with horses and all bar one will not allow this tail and mane eating nonsense, it seems if a pony will allow it, they will happily oblige!lol
They are also in with sheep who they get on fine with. However they are both super human orientated, so any new potential owner will need to know that despite all types of training undertaken, these two just do not care! Leave the car door open, they are in it, leave anything around they will steal it, sit down they will try and sit on your lap!
They are a comical pair that seem to feel they are a cross between a goat, dog and human! On the plus side they respect electric fencing and and have not been escape artists ( however we do have horse net fencing, they would not be suited to 3 strand fencing )

It is hard to quantify how much a month these two cost to keep, as it really depends on your set up and skill level.

You will need previous goat experience and the correct setup to be able to adopt these two lovely guys.

Ant and Dec are vaccinated, neutered, up to date with all fly and worming treatment. If you feel you have the skills, patience, set up and sanity to give these guys a home email [email protected]