Syrax – Has now found a fab new home with one of our volunteers (who is a previous Dragon owner), his new mum has had a tough time recently and really needed this sassy dragon to cheer her up! In the short time she has had him, he has certainly brought her some much needed laughter!!

Syrax is a Juvenile male Bearded Dragon. Syrax came in to the rescue when his previous owner purchased him for £2 from an animal auction, as they thought their friend may want him.
Sadly when they got home, the friend decided against having him and Syrax was left in an unsuitable container with none of the vital daily heat or light. When Syrax arrived he was thin, dehydrated, full of parasites, cold and hours away from death.
Thankfully age, a determined spirit and with our team on his side Syrax has made a full recovery!

Syrax is a funny character, he is very much trying to convince us that veg is poison, but eats his bugs well! The little man loves his baths and is very easy to handle.
We are looking for an experienced home only, that has the correct setup for this species (This will be thoroughly checked prior to adoption) Syrax is not to be used for breeding and is to go to a pet home only!
Any new owner will need to take the time to think about if they can afford the cost of owning Syrax, with the cost of electricity rising we have found it is between £1-2 a day to run his vivarium and this soon adds up, plus the cost of daily fresh veg and bugs, this makes Syrax a moderately expensive pet to keep.

Syrax has been fully health checked and wormed. If you feel you can offer Syrax a home please email [email protected] or call 02380 893188.