Foxy has finally found her forever home!

People often get cross when we tell them that they are not the right for the dog they are looking for, they often say things like “surely any home is better than none” For us at All Animal Rescue, when we take an animal in we do our upmost to match them with the right owner for not only the animals benefit but the owners.
The wrong dog will not be a pleasure to own, also we love these animals like they are are own! We will do our upmost to make them happy and make sure that they go to a home that not only loves them like we do, but has the setup and knowledge to help them thrive!
It has taken a long time to rehab Foxy and then a long time to find her the right home, but when you find the right match it is so wonderful, foxy has been in her new home for a week, she has settled instantly and thriving! We would rather rehome a small amount of animals properly than hundreds badly xxxx

Foxy is a 6 year old neutered female Chihuahua.

Foxy came in to the rescue as she was not coping with the young child in the household.

When Foxy arrived she had not been socialised with other dogs (except the one she lived with) people or the outside world and found it all terrifying. However after a lot of training she has now flourished, she loves her walks and is great with small dogs and is fine with medium and large as long as they are respectful, any that are too bouncy frighten her (however once she gets to know bouncy dogs, she tolerates them)

Foxy’s biggest hurdle was the fact that she was not toilet trained, this took a long time for her to grasp and was only mastered with the use of a dog flap and crate training.

Foxy is a slow burn, she needs time to get to know you, but once you have her confidence she is a real cuddle monkey.

Foxy is good on and off the lead, great with cats, horses, sheep. Good with dogs as long as she is introduced correctly and they don’t bounce on her, can be left for up to 4 hours. Foxy is not keen on the car, however is getting better daily.

Foxy loves her walks and she absolutely loves training, she is a bright cookie. She may love to cuddle but she is not a lazy dog and has at least 45 minutes of exercise and training a day.

Foxy must go to a home with another dog, there must be no children under the age of 10 and any new owner must be consistent with her training. Foxy is not a handbag dog and loves to train and loves her walks and we want a home where this will be continued.

Foxy is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and up to date with all flea treatment and wormer. If you feel you could offer Foxy a home either call 02380 893188 or email [email protected]