Marge – Has now gone to a lovely new home in Southampton!

Marge is 8 year neutered female Calico Tortishell DSH cat.

Marge came in to the rescue after her previous owners were struggling with her aggressive behaviour. Her previous owners purchased Marge and had been told that she was super affectionate and good with other cats. It later turned out that Marge had lived in a multi cat household and because she struggled with this spent most of her time living outside. Her new owners had a busy household and existing cats and despite trying for months to integrate Marge in to the home, Marge resorted to hissing, scratching and pouncing to show her stress.

When Marge arrived at the rescue I genuinely thought she might be feral, she was very angry and was not frightened to show her ninja moves. At the rescue she has her own room, with plenty of levels, hiding places and calming diffusers.

When any animal comes in to the rescue they have a check up with the vet, plus flea and worming. Marge certainly let us know that she was not happy. We wondered if she was in pain, so the vet suggested a pain relief trial. However they day after the visit to the vets we started to have a different cat. No hissing and spitting when we went in to her room, so we decided to leave the pain relief and see how she went, well day by day we have the most amazing little cat.

Marge is super affectionate and now loves a cuddle, she sheds a lot and has really got in to being brushed! Marge is a sensitive soul and wears her heart on her sleeve. Less is more with Marge.

Marge needs a quiet home, with no other cats or pets and an owner that is going to let her come to you. However given the time and space she needs her new owners are going to have a brilliant little cat!
The rough monthly costs for keeping Marge are as follows:

Insurance: £20 per month
Flea, Worm and vaccination plan at vets: £12:50
Food & Litter: £35

Marge is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Marge a home please email [email protected]

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