Kaos now Loki Update!!!

Dear Sarah

I have been meaning to send an update on Loki for a while now.

He has been living his best life exploring and playing outside just about all the time (I have been known to go for a wander shaking treats to encourage him home if it’s been lots of hours since last sighting!)

That being said, when he does come home we get lots of love and he runs over for a kiss before even touching his food.

He is not quite a lap cat but does like to snuggle close enough for head scratches and sounds like a little motorbike purring away.

He has made friends with the local cats and is very playful. He has unfortunately become an expert wildlife catcher even with a collar bell on, luckily we have managed to rescue a few of his prey. He outdid himself last year when he managed to haul a wood pigeon the size of himself over the fence!

He sometimes has a little trouble with his eye, and we have had to attend a few vet visits so far but he is always really good in his appointments- doesn’t even try and bite anymore haha!

On that, I appreciate the care that you put into him and so thankful for him to be in our lives. I would like to set up a small monthly standing order donation to your rescue. As with everyone, bills are very much increasing, so although not a lot hopefully at some point it will recoup that outlay for you. I have noticed the bank details on your website are different to those when making the donation for Loki (Kaos), I would be grateful if you could confirm the account ending 7162 is now the one to use?

He honestly is the love of my life and I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it. I have attached a little mix of photos and clips which I hope you will enjoy to see, he really is the most beautiful boy! ?

Thanks again

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