We are so please to announce that after over a year of trials and tribulations, the wonderful Marley has now been officially adopted by the best home! He has truly landed on his paws in his new home.


Marley is 6 year old neutered male yellow Labrador. Marley came in to the rescue after his owner passed away. Marley sadly came with a lot of hangups which we have been slowly working through, he is now ready to find his forever home, but it will need to be a special one! So please read this thoroughly before applying.

Marley was both dog and human reactive (he never landed anything, however his vocals can be scary) when he arrived at the rescue, he had a lifetime of learning that this behavior was correct, so it has taken a long time to get it in check and he will need a dedicated owner to carry this on. Marley needs consistent boundaries.
Marley is now dog friendly and a socialite to most, however he will still react to reactive dogs off lead and high energy dogs on lead, this is improving daily, he is also reactive to things he cant see behind fences, for instance when the dog next door barks at the fence, he will bark aggressively back.
Marley is fab with rabbits, cats, horses, sheep and goats and will ignore cows and donkeys on the forest, he is good to be left for up to 4 hours, he can be food reactive to dogs if it is a high reward treat, but fine with normal food and boring treats and toys.
He walks well on a lead and at present is still walked on a long line as since becoming a social dog he now wants to go and say hello to everyone and he is currently still in training to work on his recall. This is something that any new owner would have to continue and we would want any new owner to take Marley on a course of basic training to make sure you are both on the same page.
Marley has a sensitive stomach and needs to stay on a grain free, hypoallergenic meat diet. at present we have him on natures menu.
Marley has become less reactive to humans, he has never bitten but will bark and lunge if people get in his face without getting to know him first (to be fair I find people that invade your personal space uncomfortable, so i do get it) Many of our volunteers have never seen him behave like this as they have always listened and let Marley come to them, however people who do not listen will be woofed at.
Out on walks he will now take himself up to people to say hello and his reactive woofing is now generally worse in the home, but again only if people don’t ignore him and go straight up and try and stroke him, even when he is trying to get away from them 🙁
Marley has had to have 3 of his canine teeth removed and has always been an amazing patient at the vets, Marley has never been bothered by children, however due to his history we would like an adult only home.
Marley needs a adult only home that is experienced, he can live with another dog but they need to be passive and low energy, he can be left for up to 4 hours and needs at least an hour of exercise a day.

Predicted running costs for owning Marley:

£66 Insurance a month
£16.50 a month Vet Care Plan ( This covers your worming, flea & tick treatment, vaccinations)
£4.32 a day on food ( Marley would be suitable to go on to a raw food diet, which would work out cheaper)
Yumove £13.93 (supplement for his joints)

Marley is fully vaccinated, castrated, micro chipped, he has recently had a dental so has gleaming teeth, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could be the right match for Marley please email [email protected]

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